Genius Pathfinder passive buff would give Apex Legends players upper hand in every game

Pathfinder smiles into Apex Legends cameraRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has suggested a genius buff for Pathfinder’s passive that would fit his Forward Scout personality perfectly, and give fans of the loveable MRVN legend the upper hand in every battle royale game.

Apex Legends Season 10 is nearly over, and while Pathfinder has enjoyed his time in the sun, the Forward Scout never really cracked into the meta’s top tiers.

Part of the reason the MRVN robot has never broken into the upper echelon of favorites like Wraith, Octane, and Bloodhound is his loss of scout identity, sparked by two big changes. Firstly, his passive, “Insider Knowledge,” turned into a full Recon-class skill, and he was never really compensated for losing that unique ability way back in Season 6’s first update.

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On top of that, new legend Seer made his grand entrance in Season 10. The fate-trusting Ambush Artist came armed with a heartbeat sensor, wall-hacks via his ultimate, and more in an arsenal of powerful abilities.

To make Pathfinder relevant again, one Apex Legends player has suggested a simple yet genius buff that would help the Forward Scout live up to his iconic title.

Pathfinder Apex Legends passiveRespawn Entertainment
The Forward Scout has struggled with his “scout” identity these last few seasons.

The Pathfinder passive idea, posted in an /r/ApexLegends thread on October 24, suggested the robot’s scouting ability actually activates quite early in the game.

While everyone else is preparing to deploy out of the Apex Legends dropship, Pathfinder ⁠— and by extension, his squad ⁠— would “now be able to see the first ring.” This would mean the Forward Scout and his squadmates could base their drop around where the ring will go, rather than having to adapt on the fly.

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It’s a simple change, yes, but fits perfectly with Pathfinder’s “scout” lore, and it would make perfect sense MRVN could hack the dropship computer to see how the Apex Games will play out just a little bit early.

The passive idea is a stronger version of the Recon perk, which also seems to fit considering Pathfinder started as the only Legend with the ability.

Right now, Pathfinder sits at a play rate of just over 9.2%, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if MRVN got a nice little boost if Respawn did ship this upgrade.

It would certainly give Pathfinder players and their squadmates the upper hand every game ⁠— knowing where to find the next circle is vital in every battle royale ⁠— but Zips_Exe’s buff idea doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility as Respawn looks to give the Forward Scout back a bit of his identity.

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If it was to happen, however, it wouldn’t be soon; Season 11 is about to drop, and only Wattson, Crypto, and Gibraltar are expected to get any buffs.