Apex Legends Season 11 buffs and nerfs for Legends so far

Apex Legends buffs & nerfsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 11 is guaranteed to bring a variety of exciting new content for players, but what Legend changes do Respawn have planned for the major update?

To keep Apex Legends fun as well as balanced, Respawn regularly implement buffs and nerfs to each of the playable characters. Changes are usually made when a Legend is either under/overpowered in the meta, this can often directly correlate with their pick rate.

However, balancing isn’t always as simple as changing a damage number or stat, sometimes it requires a full rework of an ability. These significant changes can often lead to controversy, as the devs have to be careful not to remove the original purpose of the character.

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Heading into Season 11, Respawn devs have already alluded to a set of changes that are in the works, so here’s what buffs and nerfs you can expect to see in the upcoming season.

Season 11 buffs & nerfs

Note: None of these changes are confirmed yet, and we will have to wait for the full patch notes to lock them in. This is just what Respawn has said publicly. Some changes may release later in Season 11, such as in the mid-season update.

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Wattson: Buff & Nerf

Wattson buff & nerfRespawn Entertainment
Wattson has the second-lowest pick rate in the game.

Over the last few seasons, Wattson has become one of the most controversial topics in Apex, with players arguing she needs desperate attention from the devs.

Luckily, Respawn has confirmed they’ll likely be giving Wattson a buff with the removal of Low Profile, but they’ve also said this will come with a nerf to the size of her hitbox to balance the changes out.

Not only that, associate live balance designer John Larson confirmed back in July that they are working on increasing her fun factor and usability.

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“Right now we’re trying to work on the fun factor for her. There’s a lot of usability there that we can change, a lot of changes with the ultimate”.

Gibraltar: Changes/Buff

Gibraltar changes & buffRespawn Entertainment
Gibraltar has a 2.6% pick rate.

Although Gibraltar is a popular choice in competitive play, his pick rate among standard Apex players is extremely low, sitting at 2.6% overall.

To combat this, Respawn has confirmed they’re looking to make him a “sexier” and more “selfish” Legend, without increasing his overall power. A suggestion that the devs are considering is the addition of a health bar to his bubble, an idea put forward by Cloud9 pro-Zach Mazer.

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“We all want pick rates to be healthy, so the sort of question is how can we make him a sexier pick without incorporating too much power”.

Crypto: Buff

Crypto Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Crypto currently has the lowest pick rate in Apex Legends.

In Season 10, Crypto is currently the least popular Legend with a pick rate of 1.6%, as a result of this, a lot of players are calling for a buff to the Surveillance Expert.

Luckily, back in August, director of comms at Respawn Ryan K. Rigney confirmed Crypto is being worked on and improvements to his kit are set to arrive in the future.

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The changes are likely going to revolve around changing Crypto’s stationary and static playstyle, which forces him to fall behind his squad.

“Crypto is being looked at and should be getting some improvements in the future just not sure when they’re coming… Maybe a way to use the drone on the fly”.

So, there you have it, those are all the changes Respawn employees have alluded to in the lead up to Season 11. Keep in mind, none of these buffs and nerfs have been confirmed to arrive in the upcoming season, they could arrive at a later date.

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Rest assured, we’ll update this article if any new information is shared by Respawn ahead of the launch of the new season.