OP Seer bug in Apex Legends makes heartbeat sensor permanent

Apex Legends Seer bugRespawn Entertainment

An overpowered Seer bug in Apex Legends is allowing players to utilize his heartbeat sensor Passive permanently, including while using their weapon and healing.

Season 16 of Apex Legends is well underway and the community is enjoying the new Nemesis AR, improved Firing Range, and reworked class abilities.

Despite this, it was the Legend balance changes that had the biggest impact on the meta, with countless characters on the roster receiving buffs and nerfs.

Out of all the alterations, Seer arguably got hit the hardest with his Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate all being nerfed. This has caused his pick rate to drop dramatically since Season 16 went live.

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However, a new bug has suddenly made the Ambush Master OP again, as the glitch gives players access to a permanent heartbeat sensor.

Seer Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Seer has a 2.1% pick rate in Apex Legends.

Seer bug turns his heartbeat sensor Passive on permanently

As showcased by popular Apex Legends YouTuber Bobz, a new OP Seer bug gives the Ambush Master a permanent heartbeat sensor.

This means he can fire his weapon, run around at full speed, and even heal while having access to the powerful Passive.

Activating the glitch involves sliding, hitting your tactical, and then using melee all in a short sequence. This will cause the heartbeat sensor to turn on and never get disabled unless you ADS.

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It’s not recommended that you use this glitch or you risk being punished by Respawn and even getting a permanent ban.

Fixing this OP will need to be a priority for the devs as the Season 16 patch was designed to heavily nerf Seer, and now a bug has made his kit immensely strong again.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Respawn waits for the next Collection Event patch or rolls out a hotfix in the near future.

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