Ninja and co. win Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament after ridiculously close finish


The first Apex Legends tournament ended with one of the craziest tournament finishes we’ve seen in quite some time, as Ninja, KingRichard, and Dizzy slayed out in the final minutes to pick up the win. 

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Throughout the entirety of the four-hour tournament featuring some of the top streamers in North America, both King’s Canyon (Ninja, KingRichard, and Dizzy) and Reid’s Money Team (Chocotaco, Vsnz, and Huskerrs) tallied an insane amount of kills while fighting for the top spot on the standings. 

The teams entered their final game of the tournament only separated by a few points and it was King’s Canyon that ended up inching ahead with a monster performance to secure the victory with 13 total wins and 355 kills for a total of 420 points. 

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King’s Canyon narrowly secured a win at the first Apex Legends tournament.

While many battle royale tournaments feature a pool of players facing off against each other in the same lobby, the first Apex Legends tournament featured popular streamers loading up into public lobbies and racking up as many kills as possible. 

Unsurprisingly, all of these teams put on an incredible display that frequently left the casters in awe of what they were witnessing. 

Perhaps most incredible of all, though, was the fact that King’s Canyon got the win on the back of a victory in the final game that pushed them past Reid’s Money Team by just one point. 

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There might have been a number of impressive performances throughout the afternoon, but none were more impressive than what was seen from NRG Esports’ first Apex Legends pro Dizzy. 

Playing on a team with battle royale stalwarts like Ninja and KingRichard, Dizzy had no problems whatsoever making his mark on just about every lobby they loaded into. 

Throughout the entirety of the tournament, Apex Legends was comfortably sitting on the top of Twitch with well over 600,000 total viewers, once again asserting its dominance on the platform in these early days of release. 

Time will tell if Apex Legends will continue experiencing this kind of success, but it surely looks as though it might have the staying power to leave a lasting impression on the gaming space. 

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The second half of the Apex Legends x Twitch Rivals collaboration will take place on February 19 starting at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT.