Tfue breaks down how Fortnite can stay ahead of Apex Legends

David Purcell
Epic Games, FaZe Clan, Respawn

FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney has explained the things that he thinks Epic Games have to do in order to keep Fortnite interesting and he wants a very big change indeed. 

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The popular streamer has recently described the battle royale game as “boring” and while every fan might not agree with that right now, a whole lot of them would be excited to see some of his recommendations come to fruition in the future. 

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With interest in Respawn’s new Apex Legends game rising by the day, Tfue thinks Fortnite needs to go the extra mile to keep the casual player from straying away. 

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Epic GamesThe Hand Cannon has been identified by some Fortnite pros as the game’s biggest problem right now.

Tfue isn’t asking Epic to add more skins or weapons, as is usually the case, but instead thinks a complete revamp should be the next step.  

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“I love it when people are like ‘the Deagle [Hand Cannon] is the main issue with Fortnite,’ no dog” he explained. “It’s the repetitiveness dude, they need a new fucking map. That’s facts.”

(Tfue features in the first two minutes and 40 seconds of the following video)

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“Apex [Legends] is not better than Fortnite. I have been playing BRs [battle royale games] competitively for like four years. The reason people are on Apex is because this game is stale.”

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The Hand Cannon, which he refers to, is also set to be nerfed in Fortnite’s upcoming v7.40 patch – which is set to go live on February 13. 

Tfue views Apex as the perfect game for casual players right now, which could be an issue for the game going forward – he says – because of a “skill gap.”

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“Shit has just gotten too much” he added. “The way these fucking kids are editing, the way these kids are building in Fortnite nowadays… Motherfucker, if some casual ass gamer dude gets on the game, he’s going to get boxed up, trapped, edited and shot. How’s that going to be fun for him?” 

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Whether or not Epic Games will make a major announcement in the near future that’s anything close to Tfue’s new map suggestion remains to be seen. The developer does like to surprise its fanbase, but is this a step too far? 

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