NiceWigg defends streamers like NICKMERCS “stealing viewers” in Apex Legends

. 11 months ago
nicewigg and nickmercs on apex legends
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Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin has long been a mainstay among the top Apex Legends Twitch streamers, and he’s now had to defend top Warzone streamers like NICKMERCS over accusations that they’ve “stolen viewers” from Apex players.

The popular Apex personality may not reach the dizzying heights that the likes of Nick, TimTheTatman and more have in the streaming world, but he’s found a lot of success in Apex Legends.

Since many top Warzone streamers started migrating over to Apex, though, we’ve seen viewership for the game fly up as viewers follow them over.

Some fans have expressed their disappointment at this, saying that people like Nick are “stealing viewers” from original Apex streamers — but NiceWigg isn’t having any of it.

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence
Respawn Entertainment
Season 10 of Apex Legends has proven to be a huge hit.

In the weeks since the mass exodus of Warzone streamers to Apex Legends, NiceWigg and many other Apex streamers have been inundated with questions about it — but NiceWigg has explained why fans’ criticism is misplaced.

After many comments about it, NiceWigg posted a video to TikTok discussing the situation, after several questions asking about it.

“Saying that shit’s rude as f**k,” he said, after reading a comment from a viewer accusing Warzone streamers of “stealing” viewers. “You guys gotta get over that sh*t. I averaged 8,000 viewers on stream yesterday. These mainstream streamers bring in a ton of new people. I’ve never averaged 8k viewers my whole life.”

He then hit back at the accusation that Apex were sponsoring the streamers to get them to play, to which NiceWigg responded that “they are playing the game willfully,” because they like it.

Finally, he said that “if you’re salty about people taking viewership, you shouldn’t be streaming in the first place.”

Some Apex fans have definitely been a bit incensed over all the viewers these new streamers are getting, but as NiceWigg says, this is a huge positive for both the game and the OG streamers.

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