NICKMERCS explains why Apex Legends has a brighter future than Warzone

NICKMERCS next to Apex and Warzone logosYT: NICKMERCS / Respawn / Activision

Apex Legends’ new map, Broken Moon, shattered NICKMERCS’ expectations, making him question Warzone 2’s future.

Apex Legends Season 15 begins on November 1, introducing a new map for the first time since 2021. Respawn confirmed the new map, Broken Moon, plays closer to World’s Edge than Storm Point.

Based on community feedback, the new environments’ POIs are much larger, and the new zip rails system makes it easier for teams to rotate.

NICKMERCS was blown away by his first look at Broken Moon, and he praised Respawn for the map’s design. After watching another trailer, he claimed Apex Legends has a brighter future than Warzone.

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Is Warzone 2 destined to fail?

broken moon map in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
The full Broken Moon map layout.

NICKMERCS looked at all of Broken Moon’s POIs during his October 25 YouTube video. He concluded that the Warzone developers are not making the most of the tools they have at their disposal.

The streamer argued, “with the graphics today and the engines, you can make these games so beautiful, but instead, they (Warzone developers) go back in time and put you in a trench and give you a pea shooter.”

Warzone’s current map, Caldera, takes place during World War 2, which NICKMERCS is most likely referring to.

While NICKMERCS blasted Caldera, he heaped Respawn with praise for its work on Broken Moon. “What an incredible job by the Apex devs, absolutely beautiful map. You have all of the ingredients in there for a great map.”

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Warzone 2 launches on November 16, and NICKMERCS had the opportunity to playtest the game’s new map Al Mazrah at CoD NEXT.

“Warzone’s been horrible for years, and the future is not looking bright. Look at the game coming out. It looks really bad, and it looks like they don’t know what they are doing.”

In contrast, Nick believes, “Apex has consistently shown they are constantly trying to go in a good direction and making good changes.”

Apex Legends and Warzone 2 are direct competitors, and November will be a very revealing month for the future of both franchises. Broken Moon and Al Mazrah offer vastly different experiences.

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