Newcastle has a “secret” finisher animation with Bangalore in Apex Legends

Alex Garton
Newcastle secret finisherRespawn Entertainment

Season 13’s new arrival Newcastle has an exclusive finisher animation with his sister Bangalore in Apex Legends, and it doesn’t have to be unlocked.

Saviors has finally kicked off in Apex Legends and it’s introduced Storm Point map changes, Ranked Reloaded, and of course, the Heroic Defender Newcastle.

While a lot of the community is spending countless hours in the Firing Range perfecting their skills with the mighty shield-bearer, others are discovering exclusive interactions involving Newcastle with other characters in the Outlands.

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One of the most unique and secret animations occurs between Bangalore and Newcastle when the Heroic Defender uses his default finisher on his sister.

Although a lot of the finishers in Apex are pretty brutal, the one between the siblings is extremely different.

Apex Legends BangaloreRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 13 went live on May 10.

Newcastle and Bangalore have a “secret” finisher

In Newcastle’s standard default finisher, the Heroic Defender drops his shield on his opponent’s back and stamps on it to eliminate them from a match.

However, when he approaches and attempts to finish his sister, the animation is different and a little more lighthearted.

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As showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber Gaming Merchant, instead of brutally slamming down his shield, Newcastle actually dances in front of Bangalore.

It’s hard to know why this would ever eliminate a player from a match, but nonetheless, it’s an interesting interaction that adds a little more personality to their relationship.

It’s worth noting that this finisher automatically applies when you’re using the default animation, so there’s no need to worry about unlocking it.

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Hopefully, Respawn adds more easter eggs like this in the future, as the community loves discovering these secret interactions and it’s a great way to flesh out the relationship between two characters on the roster.

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