New Apex Legends Mobile skin draws big comparison to Overwatch character

Alec Mullins
Loba skin in Apex Legends Mobile

There have always been theories about Loba’s design from Apex Legends being inspired by a similar Overwatch character but the Translocating Thief’s new skin has added fuel to the fire.

Only days after Call of Duty came under fire for potentially ripping off a former dev’s new game with a brand-new skin, the Apex Legends Mobile team is now also being looked at under the same microscope.

Loba’s design, a Brazilian thief who is good with technology, has always drawn comparisons to an Overwatch character with a similar background, the new skin seems to directly recognize that influence.

Apex Legends Mobile skin criticized for resembling Sombra from Overwatch

The skin in question is an Apex Mobile look that gives Loba a cyberpunk-style makeover made of genre-appropriate purples and pinks, as well as completely overhauling her haircut to complete the look.

Even for casual Overwatch fans, the resemblance to Sombra will be plainly obvious. Both have the same haircut, eye make up, and power pose, making their base appearances almost identical. The addition of a jacket and pants that start in lighter shades and fade into a darker color only seal the deal.

Now, this aesthetic is currently fairly common, but given the other background connections between the two, it’s certainly enough to raise some eyebrows.

One fan, Tyler5637052, suggested on Twitter that the skin was just a fun wink from the Apex devs to acknowledge the similarity between the two. “It’s supposed to be obvious,”.

Of course, not everyone is ready to agree on that. There are still some fans asking the team opts for something “original for once”, whenever the next batch of new skins hits either version of the popular battle royale.