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Apex Legends leak confirms Wraith Voidwalker skin finally returning soon

Published: 26/Jun/2020 4:26

by Isaac McIntyre


Stop the clocks! The legendary Wraith Voidwalker skin, which has only grown in popularity since it was removed in Season 2, is finally set to return in the Apex Legends Summer Sale next month, according to new datamined leaks.

Wraith’s legendary Voidwalker skin ⁠— which started life as the ‘Ghostwraith’ cosmetic before Respawn switched the name ⁠— is by far Apex’s most popular ‘fit.

The futuristic costume first debuted in Wraith’s Voidwalker event all the way back in Season 2, and hasn’t been available since, which has only added to its legendary aura. Players have demanded its return, of course, but Respawn has constantly scuppered those ideas, dubbing it “an event exclusive.”


According to new leaks, however, it looks like the Apex devs may have finally folded. The super-popular Wraith skin is finally be returning to the game in a yet to be announced Summer Sale, dataminer ILootGames revealed earlier this week.

The Voidwalker skin looks to be included in two Summer Sale bundles, according to the data string codes related to the event. The first is simply titled “Voidwalker Bundle” while the other is dubbed the “Phase Shift Bundle.”

Wraith isn’t the only Legend to get a specialized bundle in the sale either, as far as the leaked code is concerned. Season 5 debutant Loba will also get a drop, likely called the “Dressed to Kill Bundle,” which will contain exclusive items.


There is a huge amount of smaller bundles also included in the code, including a “Holy Grail” pack, a “Lucky Cat” bundle, and a “Treasure Trove” collection. Here’s the full list of Summer Sale bundles uncovered in the datamined leak:

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More than a quarter of all Apex Legends fans play Wraith, meaning her rare Voidwalker skin is super-popular.
Respawn Entertainment
More than a quarter of all Apex Legends fans play Wraith, meaning her rare Voidwalker skin is super-popular.

The code strings also seem to reveal when the Voidwalker skin, and all Summer Sale bundles, will actually arrive in-game. The data-code entry “200721,” which Dexerto has also confirmed is still in the game’s development files, suggests the seasonal sale will begin with an update on Tuesday, July 21.

So, it looks like the wait is finally over for Wraith players that hopped into the world of Apex Legends after Season 2. Now the question is, what other rare and legendary skins from past events could be ‘unvaulted’ in Season 5?