Mande stunned as Apex Legends hacker leaks Wraith Prestige skin in-game

Apex Legends pro Mande looking at WraithTwitch: Mande / Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends star Mikkel ‘Mande’ Hestbek was unknowingly one of the first to see the leaked Wraith Prestige skin properly in-game after a hacker crashed his lobby and showcased it to thousands on Twitch.

It’s not a well-kept secret Wraith is getting Apex Legends’ next Prestige skin. The popular Legend’s upgradeable cosmetic was leaked and datamined just as Season 15 launched.

While players have mostly seen graphics and renders ⁠— although one such instance had players running around with it in Arenas ⁠— it got massive exposure when someone dropped into Mande’s stream with the cosmetic.

The hacker, named ‘eternalblue/chinaman’, managed to crash Mande’s lobby before joining and giving the Apex Legends star a first look at the fully upgraded Wraith Prestige skin. While it’s not the first time players have seen it ahead of Season 15, it’s the first big glimpse in-game.

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It looked just like the renders and graphics previously showcased, with the Prestige skin leveling up from an unmasked Wraith to one donning a full suit of armor.

Mande was taken aback. Not only had he just unwittingly leaked a skin in front of thousands of viewers, he was shocked at how it happened. The random crashed his lobby, loaded in with a dev badge, started playing music, and that was that: “Chinaman joined me… it’s a dev? What!”

He vanished within seconds, and it took Mande a few moments to realize what actually happened.

“It’s next season’s skin? No shot. Oh my God ⁠— an exclusive. Am I getting banned for leaking a Wraith skin too early now?”

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While it’s unknown when the skin will actually drop, it’s heavily rumored to be coming soon as part of Apex Legends Season 15, which went live on November 1.