Apex Legends: How to make Gibraltar’s shield fly with Crypto trick

Bill Cooney

Apex Legends players have found a new way to use Gibraltar’s shield, all thanks to the game’s newest legend: Crypto.

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Gibraltar’s dome shield can be an absolute lifesaver for him and his teammates in a tight spot, providing cover from incoming fire and possibly giving players a chance to heal up if they need to.

The ability also got a nice buff in the October 1 patch that allows players inside the shield to use healing items 25% faster and now players have found another use for the ability as well.

Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection can really come in clutch for players in the right situation.
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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Gibraltar!

Creative players on Reddit have now discovered that Gibraltar’s dome can take to the skies with a little help from Crypto and his drone.

In a video by Reddit user MacheteMolotov, Gibraltar places his shield on Crypto’s drone, allowing the dome to fly around with the drone fully deployed.

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The success of the experiment rightly makes the players freak out, but would this trick have any practical use during a match?

It could be used to keep the drone safe, but it would make it much more conspicuous at the same time. 

The “Dome Drone” could be used as a distraction when entering a teamfight, and paired with the legend’s EMP, it could turn the tide in favor of the team using it.

What’s also interesting is that Gibraltar’s shield doesn’t appear to be a full sphere, with no apparent protection in the area usually underground.

Respawn Entertainment
Crypto and Gibraltar could make an interesting team together.
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Apex players are figuring out Crypto’s drone

The latest legend’s drone doesn’t just allow Gibraltar’s dome to take flight, it can also be used to scout ahead and much, much more.

Players have discovered that Crypto’s ability can be used to grab banners, open doors and even open boxes, in addition to scouting.

Screenshot (Respawn Entertainment/EA)
Crypto’s drone can give players a birds-eye view of the battlefield.
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Players are still discovering all the ins and outs of Crypto’s drone ability since the hero was added in the October 1 update, and it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.