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Lifeline’s Care Package in Apex Legends has a surprising extra function

Published: 2/Jan/2020 5:37 Updated: 2/Jan/2020 10:33

by Brad Norton


Lifeline’s Care Package might not be the most immediately gratifying ability in Apex Legends, but a surprising function has been uncovered that could give the support character the upper hand in the midst of a firefight.

Having been a playable character since the release of Apex Legends in February 2019, Lifeline stands out as a Legend with one of the highest pick-rates in the entire game, not to mention an impressive overall win percentage to boot.

Despite being one of the most highly-utilized characters in the popular Battle Royale title, dedicated Apex Legends players are still uncovering new quirks with her loadout. Even Lifeline’s Care Package, the most unassuming of abilities, has a powerful function that seems to have gone unnoticed until now.


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Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline’s Care Package takes 15 seconds to reach the ground after being called in.

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Serving as her Ultimate ability, the Care Package has a cooldown of 360 seconds, meaning that players will have to wait six minutes between uses. With that knowledge in mind, a surprising tactic could have you holding onto the deployable ability until the right opportunity comes around.

On top of delivering goods of all rarities for everyone in the squad, it turns out that the roof of Lifeline’s Care Package can actually provide a small amount of exploitable cover for anyone who climbs atop.

The unique element of this particular cover, however, is that teammates can surprisingly shoot through the textures and damage foes from afar, all without revealing their full character models to opponents out in the open.


PSA: Care packages do provide cover, but not everywhere. When you’re on top you can shoot/be shot through them. from apexlegends

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Reddit user ‘spez32 showed off the new tech on the Firing Range, climbing atop the air-dropped container to get a small amount of cover. 

It’s obviously not an ideal amount of architecture to protect you from all angles, but this small shield could be enough to keep you safe from harm in an open field that previously lacked any form of protection.

Locking sights with enemies in the distance, players can then crouch behind this material and blast their opponents away if they hit their shots. It’s a difficult task with a sniper or close range-weaponry, so fast-firing automatic weapons are best to deal the most damage in a short window when attempting this unique tactic.


Respawn Entertainment - Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline was a part of the original Apex Legends lineup alongside the likes of Wraith and Bangalore.

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This new strategy could be a great way for squads to efficiently loot the Ultimate each and every time. Rather than all rushing for the same assortment of weapons and armor, one player could sit on top and scout out any nearby challengers who might be gearing up for a fight.

Whether this was an intended effect from the developers at Respawn Entertainment or not, expect to see an increasing number of players standing atop Care Packages moving forward.