Apex Legends disables Explosive Holds after Kings Canyon loot rooms start crashing games

Fuse walks away from Apex Legends explosion on Kings Canyon Explosive Holds.Respawn Entertainment

Respawn has temporarily disabled Explosive Holds across Kings Canyon, after Apex Legends players uncovered a game-breaking glitch with the loot rooms that was crashing entire lobbies and ending matches.

After a stint with World’s Edge as the sole Apex Legends map to celebrate Season 10, Respawn re-added Kings Canyon and Olympus to the battle royale’s rotations.

The return to Kings Canyon has been less than ideal, however, with a lobby-shattering bug already rearing its ugly head on the original Apex Legends battleground: players quickly discovered if they attempt to unlock the game’s Explosive Holds, an ⁠— pardon our pun — explosive glitch would end the match lobby.

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When triggered, the bug shuts down any game immediately.

The biggest issue with the bug, first shared on Reddit on August 10, is how easy it is to trigger; Dexerto can confirm this is repeatable, after testing it earlier today.

Thankfully, Respawn has already clocked the issue. Early on August 11, the Apex Legends developers shut off the mechanism locking Explosive Holds entirely, meaning the glitch-trigger is ⁠— for now ⁠— no longer present on Kings Canyon.

Apex tech designer Exgeniar confirmed they were on the case, and had already deployed an emergency measure: “Until we have a proper fix; Explosive Holds spawn opened.”

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This means that, until Respawn gives further notice, all fifteen of Kings Canyon’s explosive loot rooms ⁠(not including the rich Loots Vaults) are fully accessible for any lucky players that stumble across them. Here’s our Explosive Holds location guide if you want to scoop up all the now-free goodies early.

Exgeniar added a permanent solution would ship “soon.”

explosive hold apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
Explosive Holds are even easier to open than usual at the moment — if they don’t crash your game.

While no glitch is fun, there is one upside; World’s Edge is the ranked map, but later in Season 10 the competitive battleground will shift to Kings Canyon. If this game-breaking issue had appeared in a ranked Apex Legends match, instead of a casual lobby, things could have been far worse.

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Dexerto expects Respawn to ship the promised hotfix in the next 24 hours. Considering they’re already on the case, we won’t have to wait long.