Insane stat shows why DarkZero are ALGS Championship favorites

Declan Mclaughlin

DarkZero have been dubbed favorites to win the ALGS Championship based on their previous LAN performances and the team’s damage stats from the group stage show that they are still in great form.

DarkZero Esports are coming into the 2023 ALGS Championship as the favorites to win the entire tournament. The squad is coming into the event in great form after winning the Split 2 Playoffs back in July and finishing second in the Split 2 of the North American pro league.

While the team has gone through some roster experimentation with Rick ‘Sharky’ Wirth moving to the bench in April, the changes haven’t seemed to impact their performance. DarkZero has since settled on a lineup of Rhys ‘Zer0’ Perry, Noyan ‘Genburten’ Ozkose and Brody ‘Xynew’ Geissler.

At the 2023 ALGS Championship, this roster exited the group stage in the top spot with 176 total points and a place in the winner’s bracket. The team cleared the second-best team in the group stage, BLVKHVND, by 17 points.

DarkZero far and away the best team so far at ALGS Champs

Total points weren’t the only number that DarkZero dominated in the group stage as their coach revealed the player’s overall damage statistics on social media.

“Pretty big gap there,” DarkZero head coach Nicholas ‘zz’ said.

The chart showed that all three of his players were the top-ranked damage dealers across the entire group stage. Zer0 and Xynew were the top two with over 20,000 damage done over the course of 17 games with Genburten only slightly behind at 18,877 damage.

The next closest player in terms of damage across the entire stage was BLVKHVND player Muamar Fahri ‘EzFlash’ Abrar with 15,887 damage done.

DarkZero also had some high fragging numbers to go along with their damage statistics, totaling 100 kills between all three players.

While they dominated the group stage, DarkZero will need to survive the bracket stage and the Finals to claim the ALGS Championship crown.