DarkZero poaches Apex Legends pro hours before ALGS roster lock

DarkZero ALGS team on LANJoe Brady/ ALGS

DarkZero Esports have poached a player from the unsigned ALGS squad Meat Lovers hours before the roster lock deadline, according to the Meat Lover captain Will ‘TeQ’ Starck.

DarkZero Esports has finalized its roster for ALGS Split 2 as the organization is set to sign Brody ‘Xynew’ Geissler from the unsigned squad Meat Lovers to replace Beau ‘RamBeau’ Sheidy. RamBeau came out of retirement to play for DarkZero as the opportunity to play with the team that won the ALGS Championship in 2022 was too good to pass on.

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But, even with solid results on the roster, DarkZero has decided to go in a different direction, according to the captain of Meat Lovers TeQ.

The former Sentinels player took to Twitter on May 1 to ask the DarkZero coach and IGL, Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore and Rhys ‘Zer0’ Perry, to make up their mind on which Meat Lover’s player they wanted to poach before the Split 2 playoff roster lock.

DarkZero poach ALGS player from unsigned roster

The esports organization made the move to sign Xynew just hours later, according to TeQ, leaving the IGL with only a few hours to find a replacement. According to the ALGS rulebook, rosters are locked a week before the match day starts in the league.

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The final match day for North America is on May 7. Teams that qualify for the Split 2 Playoffs are also compelled to retain the players from their final match-day squad for the LAN tournament.

DarkZero are fourth in the North American ALGS table and are set to qualify for the Split 2 Playoffs as the squad will look to improve on its 13th-place finish at the Split 2 Playoffs.

Meat Lovers are ninth in the table and if they continue their great form on the final match day, should make the top 10 cutoff to compete at the LAN tournament.

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DarkZero is yet to announce Xynew as its newest player and the change has yet to hit their Battlefy page.

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