How to watch ALGS Split 2 Playoffs: Teams, schedule, tickets, stream

The ALGS Split 1 Playoff stage.Joe Brady/ ALGS

The ALGS Split 2 Playoffs are set to begin in early July as the best Apex Legends teams from around the world travel to London to compete for the lion’s share of a $1,000,000 prize pool. Here is everything you need to know about the second major tournament of the season, including the schedule, the format and all the teams that have qualified.

The ALGS Split 2 playoffs are set to begin in July, approximately one month before the ALGS Championship brings the curtain down on the season. EA and Respawn will bring together the best teams from all five regions, who will battle it out for prize money, international tournament glory and ranking points toward the world championship.

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With all regional leagues having come to an end, all 40 participants for the Split 2 playoffs have been determined. Will TSM defend their Split 1 crown despite some shaky performances this season? Or will a new ALGS winner emerge?

TSM apex legends player ImperialHalJoe Brady/ ALGS
TSM’s ImperialHal won the MVP award at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs

Below is everything you need to know about the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs: How to watch

The ALGS 2023 Split 2 playoffs will be streamed on the official PlayApex Twitch channel. We’ve embedded the stream below for your convenience.

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ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs: Format

The event is split into three parts: the group stage, the bracket stage, and the finals. The group stage will see the 40 qualified teams split into four groups of 10 teams, who will play each other in a six-game series. Each team will play 18 games in total. The results will determine the teams’ seed for the bracket stage, with the top 20 teams starting in the winners’ bracket and the lower 20 starting in the losers’ bracket.

The bracket stage will feature one six-game series for the upper bracket and two six-game series for the lower bracket. The top 10 teams from the winners’ bracket will move on to the finals, while the remaining 10 will play in the second round of the losers’ bracket. In the end, the top 10 teams of the lower bracket will move on to the finals

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The finals will use a match point format, with teams becoming “Match Point Eligible” once they reach a minimum of 50 points. The first team on match point to win a match is declared the winner of the tournament.

Teams have yet to be seeded into their groups for the first stage of the event.

ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs: Schedule

The tournament is set to start on July 13 with the group stage, followed by the bracket stage on July 15 and the finals on July 16. The start times for each day have yet to be revealed.

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  • Group Stage: July 13-14
  • Bracket Stage: July 15
  • Finals: July 16

ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs: Tickets

Fans hoping to attend the event at the Copper Box Arean London can purchase tickets on Eventbrite as they are now on sale. Each ticket is general admission as there is no assigned seating. The prices vary depending on the days fans are planning on attending, and the processing fee. Ticket prices for all four days are broken down below.

  • Thursday: $21.74
  • Friday: $32.62
  • Saturday: $32.62
  • Sunday: $43.49
  • Four-day pass: $108.72

ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs: Groups

The 40 teams at the event have been split into four groups of 10 that will battle each other for kills and placement in matches with other groups.

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Group A Group B Group C Group D
Alliance XSET Complexity Gaming Moist Esports
ONIC Esports ATHXHVY Acend Pioneers
fun123 BLVKHVND TSM ganbare otousan
Gosu Fire Beavers MDY White FURIA Esports
LeaveNoWitness JLINGZ Esports DreamFire FaZe Clan
NAKED GLYTCH Energy Fellas Element 6
NRG Esports 100 Thieves OpTic Gaming Riddle
Aurora Gaming Crazy Raccoon Vexed Gaming 2R1C
Ethernal FC Destroy Fnatic Luminosity

ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs: Prize and standings

Teams will split the $1,000,000 prize pool between the top 20 finishing squads, with the top five taking home over $700,000 between them.

Placement Team Prize Money (USD)
1 N/A $300,000
2 N/A $160,000
3 N/A $105,000
4 N/A $85,000
5 N/A $65,000
6 N/A $50,000
7 N/A $40,000
8 N/A $30,000
9 N/A $25,000
10 N/A $20,000
11 N/A $16,000
12 N/A $15,000
13 N/A $14,000
14 N/A $13,000
15 N/A $12,000
16 N/A $11,000
17 N/A $10,500
18 N/A $10,000
19 N/A $9,500
20 N/A $9,000
21 N/A N/A
22 N/A
23 N/A
24 N/A
25 N/A
26 N/A N/A
27 N/A
28 N/A
29 N/A
30 N/A
31 N/A N/A
32 N/A
33 N/A
34 N/A
35 N/A
36 N/A
37 N/A
38 N/A
39 N/A
40 N/A

ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs: Teams and players

Thanks to the region’s performance in the Split 1 Playoffs, North America was awarded three additional slots at the event on top of its base eight. EMEA has two extra slots in addition to its regular eight, with APAC North (eight), South America (four) and APAC South (four) having one extra slot apiece.

Teams have locked in their rosters for the ALGS international event. However, it’s worth noting that players have had to be subbed out in the past due to visa issues, so these lineups may not be set in stone.

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Team Region Players
XSET North America oh Nocturnal, FunFPS, Sikezz
Luminosity North America YanYa, Neazul, jaguares
OpTic Gaming North America skittleCakes, Knoqd, Dropped
100 Thieves North America Onmuu, Vaxlon, scuwry
NRG North America sweetdreams, nafen, Gild
FURIA Esports North America HisWattson, Xeratricky, Pandxrz
FaZe Clan North America Snip3down, Phony, Frexs
Glytch Energy North America aidanthedestroye, Reedz, Vein
TSM North America ImperialHal, Reps, Verhulst
DarkZero North America Zer0, Genburten, Xynew
Complexity Gaming North America Monsoon, Lewda, Cody
Vexed EMEA unlucky, Tyler, MaTaFe
Ethernal EMEA B4mbino, DcTzr, Slab
Alliance EMEA Yuki, Hakis,Effect
Acend EMEA Lufka, PostKiLL, K4shera
Aurora Gaming EMEA cleaveee, RANCHES, Sunset
Pioneers EMEA Gnaske, SirDel, Zaine
JLINGZ Esports EMEA Noiises, Jmw, Naghz
2R1C EMEA Uxako, Hiarka, th0rfinnnnn
Element 6 EMEA Slayers, KIND4, KSWINNIIE
Fire Beavers EMEA 9impulse, ojrein, taskmast33r
Fnatic APAC N YukaF, UmichanLoveti, Meltstera
Crazy Raccoon APAC N Ras, Parkha, Mainy
NORTHEPTION APAC N Taida, satuki, ReyzyGG
PULVEREX APAC N saku, ShunMi, Ftyan
Riddle APAC N YUKIO, 1tappy, MiaK
fun123 APAC N Obly, KaronPe, SangJoon
ganbare otousan APAC N JungHee, Dogma, Jusna
FC Destroy APAC N UmichanLoveti, HammerDrill, yukaPEROdator
NAKED APAC N Pinky, Lykq, 4rufa
BLVKHVND APAC S StrafingFlame, Buegy, EzFlash
Moist Esports APAC S Emtee, Prycyy, Wxltzy
DreamFire APAC S Roieee, Pite, 3Mz
ONIC Esports APAC S Fussy, shadi, Rakiiii
MDY White APAC S FeiJu, MingYUE, LQDuD
F/A Players South America 1Worst, N3LAS, KiingZ
ATHXHVY South America Vlatow, asleep, TriNITYzy
Fellas South America Lusquinn, Jinqs, Sleep
Gosu South America renatricky, PANIC, Zilach
LeaveNoWitness South America Pirrus, Kurev, brtus_o

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