Infinite loot exploit in Apex Legends gives players unlimited supply bin content

Apex Legends Wraith running at enemy with gunRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have uncovered a glitch with loot bins that give them infinite loot, allowing them to upgrade their weapons in a flash. 

Just like every other multiplayer game out there, Apex Legends has had its fair share of glitches and exploits to contend with. Some of these have been pretty game-breaking, while others have just been a bit of fun. 

After a few weeks of Season 16 action, which brought a number of changes to legend classes to the fold, players have uncovered a handful of new glitches too. 

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Respawn have already had to deal with lobbies crashing in pro play, but they’ve got a fresh one to deal with that allows players to get “infinite” loot from assault class loot bins. 

Storm Point glitch gives Apex Legends players unlimited loot

That’s right, players have discovered a new exploit where, when using a legend that falls under the assault class, they can manipulate the loot bins to get what attachments they need. 

YouTuber RossTheeSquirrel highlighted it on March 26, noting that it’s something for Respawn to look into, especially as it’s pretty simple to replicate in games. 

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As the YouTuber showed, you can get items and weapon attachments of every rarity by repeating the glitch over and over again. There doesn’t appear to be any sort of limit on how much you can spawn and you’ll only be stopped by enemies or the zone. 

While players can advantage of it to get unlimited items, there’s also some concern that spawning too many items could cause an area to lag. This would especially be annoying in late-game scenarios where players could post up, waiting for others to slow to a halt.

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It remains to be seen as to when, or if, Respawn will patch the exploit out of the battle royale.

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