ImperialHal surprised by iiTzTimmy Apex Legends team qualifying for ALGS Championship

Connor Bennett
ImperialHal and iiTzTimmy side-by-side in white shirts looking at camera

TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has revealed his surprise at Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An and his Apex Legends squad earning a spot at the ALGS Championship after their nail-biting victory. 

In late March, iiTzTimmy revealed that he’d be ending his hiatus from competing in Apex Legends and would be competing in a trio known as The Dojo. It marked his first proper foray back into competitive Apex Legends since he played for Golden Guardians and Team Yeesh. 

The 100 Thieves star’s announcement, naturally, whipped up plenty of excitement in the Apex community, with plenty of fans desperate to see him succeed again. 

ImperialHal didn’t have high hopes for Timmy’s squad when it was first announced, suggesting they needed a top-tier IGL to lead them through. As a result, Hal was slightly surprised they’d made it to a LAN event, seeing as they beat FURIA to get there. 

ImperialHal didn’t expect The Dojo to qualify for ALGS Championship

The TSM star watched along with July 23’s last chance qualifier event and congratulated Timmy’s trio for making it through to LAN alongside Trenton ‘Lou’ Clements’ trio of Dudes Night Out. 

“Wow, I did not expect both of these teams to make it… Lou’s and Dojo,” Hal said after seeing Timmy’s celebrations.

He did rejoice in the fact that The Dojo will likely contest NRG and Alliance in the ALGS Championship though, seeing as all three squads like to land in the same sort of spots. 

Hal also tipped his hat to Timmy on Twitter after it, but couldn’t help dropping a playful jab when he suggested that The Dojo would contest TSM instead. 

“I’ll see you at Wall,” Timmy said, before Hal quickly fired back with: “Back to LCQ you go.”

Fans will have to wait a little bit to see the two squads clash on LAN, though, seeing as the  $2 million Championship finals don’t get underway until September.