iiTzTimmy reveals return to Apex Legends competitive after two-year break

iiTzTimmy in black shirt sat behind computerTwitch

100 Thieves’ Timothy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has revealed that he’s making a move back into the Apex Legends competitive scene as he looks to start playing in the Challenger Circuit Split 2. 

Over the last few years, plenty of streamers and content creators have looked to make their mark on the competitive scene of the game they love. Naturally, some have found more success than others. 

In the case of iiTzTimmy, he’s dominated in Apex Legends’ casual and Ranked arenas for quite some time, and had some success in the esports world when he teamed with NiceWigg and Apryze as a part of Team Sheesh. That certainly went better than his time with Golden Guardians.

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He took a break from competing back in late 2021, noting that he had computer issues at the time, but also due to the undue negativity and criticism he’d received from the Apex community. That took a toll on his mental health and he decided to take a break. 

iiTzTimmy making return to Apex Legends competitive after hiatus

Well, he’s now making a return in the Challenger Circuit Split 2, and he’s already got one member of his trio signed up. 

The 100 Thieves streamer dropped a TwitLonger addressing his initial exit from the scene and now his return on March 14, revealing that he was looking for a time for the upcoming challenger split, alongside former CLG and eUnited player Lyric ‘lyric’ Quinonez. 

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“I’m happy and excited to announce that I will be competing once again with lyric, and we are looking for a controller player who can IGL (or not, I mean, I’ll run us down again no cap),” Timmy said. 

Interestingly, Apryze also announced his return to competitive play shortly after Timmy’s tweet, but he remains a keyboard and mouse player, so a reunion between two parts of Team Sheesh is unlikely. 

The qualifiers for Challenger Circuit Split 2 begin on March 25, so Timmy has sometime to put a team together just yet.