ImperialHal shows obvious problem with Apex Legends Ranked in Season 14

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ImperialHal Apex Legends

Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has revealed his biggest problem with Apex Legends Ranked in Season 14 and it involves the way RP is rewarded.

Apex Legends Season 14 is well underway and some members of the community have finally managed to master Vantage‘s deadly long-range kit.

Despite all of Hunted’s major additions being received well, a lot of long-standing issues are still frustrating the player base and quite a few of them are related to the game’s Ranked system.

Although the mode was fully reworked in Season 13, a lot of pros and players alike want Respawn to make more adjustments as soon as possible.

One of them is TSM pro ImperialHal, who is particularly annoyed with the way in which RP is rewarded in Season 14.

Apex Legends Loba
Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen is an Apex Legends pro player for TSM.

ImperialHal slams Ranked placement RP rewards

Taking to Twitter on September 6, ImperialHal showcased the RP reward for a Predator Ranked match that he won.

Despite taking home the victory, he only managed to rack up two assists and no kills. This meant that the RP he received for winning only canceled out his 200 RP entry cost.

It’s clear Hal believes that if you win a game at the top tier of Ranked, you should be rewarded with some progress.

Out of frustration, he posted the screenshot to Twitter and thanked Respawn for the “good ranked system”.

He followed up this post with another tweet explaining that no “professional player complained about a ranked system being oriented around placement when it was on a storm point split in the past”.

It’s clear Hal wants a balance between kill & assists and overall placement rewards, as all of these factors need to be accounted for when climbing Ranked.

While Respawn’s new system does promote more proactivity and action, it can feel unfair for players who manage to tactically snatch a win without racking up countless kills.

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