ImperialHal claps back at Apex Legends pros over ALGS lag issue ‘helping’ TSM

ImperialHal in white TSM shirt looking upJoe Brady (@joebradyphoto)/ALGS

TSM’s Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen took shots at a few of his fellow Apex Legends pros after they complained about his squad accidentally benefiting from an ALGS session lagging out. 

Even though the best of the best in Apex Legends are the ones fighting it out in ALGS play, they’re still susceptible to the same issues that everyone else faces in Ranked and more casual lobbies. 

Audio issues, looting being slow, and internet problems have all plagued the top level of competition at some point or another. The latter can, obviously, be rooted out when it comes to LAN, but most games take place online. 

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The second split of the 22-23 season for North America got underway on March 11-12, and it didn’t take long for those pesky connectivity issues to raise their head, with a lobby lagging out and forcing players to restart. 

NA Apex Legends pros beef over ALGS lag issue

Former Cloud9 pro Zach ‘Zach’ Mazer called it “frustrating” that Hal’s squad were in a position to score 0 points before the lag, and then went on to score 10. 

Though, he added that he was sure “nothing intentionally” caused the issue. 

Hal quickly clapped back at his pal, saying: “Very funny for a team to be talking confident that you were “killing” us when you just run like a b*tch to “fight” for your POI, I can’t wait til we meet again just watch.”

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Though some fans wrote it off as just friends being playful, Hal did ramp it up another notch when Zach’s teammate, Tyler ‘Dezignful’ Gardner, chimed in on the matter and told him to “pipe down.”

“Already got more points this pro league than your entire career keep it up,” Hal quickly fired back. Though, Dezignful has since deleted his initial post. 

Despite winning the ALGS Split 1 playoffs in London back in early February, TSM has had a tough start to the second split, currently sat on the fringes of the playoffs in 16th.