ImperialHal pulls off insane 1v5 Wingman clutch in Apex Legends

Alex Garton
ImperialHal Apex Legends

Apex Legends pro player Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen pulled off an incredible 1v5 Wingman outplay, landing almost every single one of his bullets.

TSM pro player ImperialHal is one of the most well-known and successful Apex Legends pros in the community.

The talented IGL managed to win the ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs with his teammate’s Reps and Verhulst, netting a massive prize pool of $300,000.

As you would expect, Hal doesn’t save all of his outplays for when he’s playing on stage, and he regularly creates highlight-reel clips while streaming Ranked.

Well, he did exactly that recently with an impressive 1v5 Wingman clutch that left his chat speechless.

Apex Legends Wattson
ImperialHal is a pro player for TSM and competes in the ALGS.

ImperialHal pulls off impressive 1v5 Wingman outplay

During a match on Storm Point, Hal with left in a tricky situation after both of his teammates had been downed by a full squad of enemies.

Equipped with a Wingman and a Prowler SMG, the TSM pro quickly dispatched an enemy Seer and Catalyst with a set of incredible shots.

At that point, an opposing Valk looked for an aggressive push but Hal kept his cool, playing it slow and eliminating her for the full team wipe.

Moving onto the next set of foes, Hal rushed their position, landing multiple Wingman shots with insane precision, and even downing a mid-air Pathfinder.

Screaming “f**k you b***h” after killing the fifth enemy, it’s clear Hal was over the moon that he managed to clutch up against so many opponents.

This is just another outplay and clip to add to Hal’s long list and shows why the CEO is such a strong competitor in the ALGS.

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