Are the Apex Legends servers down? Latest status updates and more

Apex Server OutagesRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has a history of connectivity issues after updates, and that seems to be continuing with Patch 10.1 as many players have been prevented from playing since the update went live. 

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know that it’s no surprise that this issue has cropped back up. While Respawn has developed an excellent game, there is still something to be said about how each major patch gets rolled out.

This is the third time in as many months that players have had trouble connecting to the game directly after an update.

Here’s what Respawn is doing to get ahead of it.

Connection problems in Apex Legends

The problems started on September 14, directly after the release of Patch 10.1. Players were initially having trouble connecting to a game after starting the match search.

This was thought to be dealt with and an all-clear announcement was made. But that wouldn’t last long, as only an hour and a half later the problems had resurfaced and players were being disconnected again.


After one final update, the state of the game seemed to stabilize through the night, but the problems returned the next day.

While they’re likely unconnected, these problems showed up only a week after claims that a major hack in Titanfall 2 could also affect Apex Legends players and their consoles/PCs.

There’s been a litany of issues across multiple Respawn games as of late and players are standing by to get back in the Apex Arena as soon as they can.