Apex Legends servers down? Latest Season 16 status update

Apex Legends Server OutagesRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends servers have a few bumps throughout most seasons, and Season 16 is no different. Stay up-to-date on whether or not servers are working here if you’re having trouble getting into the game.

Apex Legends maintains a playerbase of hundreds of thousands of players daily across PC and consoles, and those numbers have been soaring in Season 16.

As such, servers tend to get overloaded. It can be difficult to log in for some players, and that may even bring about server downtimes or maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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To stay up to date on the Apex Legends server status, check back here regularly to see if you’ll have any issues getting into the game.

Apex Legends servers down? Season 16 status

At the time of writing, Season 16 is well underway. While there wasn’t a new legend to look forward to, the new Nemesis Assault rifle and Team Deathmatch mode are keeping existing players invested and have brought back players excited to try out some of the new content. You can find a full list of in-depth patch notes here.

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As of March 13, the servers have been bumpy, with many users reporting that it is taking longer than normal to get into both the main menu and individual matches.

For those who want a full summary of what’s new in Season 16, you can find a trailer explaining the changes below: