ImperialHal outlines most important tip to stop Apex Legends being “torture”

Mirage next to ImperialHalRespawn / ALGS

TSM Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has shared one piece of advice for new players that he claims is key to ensuring the BR does not become “torture” to play.

There are few opinions new Apex Legends players should trust more than ImperialHal’s. The TSM pro has proven time and time again why he’s one of the best in the world at Respawn’s battle royale, even if he’s been more critical of its direction since Season 15 dropped.

He recently described it as “D-Tier” and even called on Respawn to “accept the issues” in order to prevent it falling further.

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Now, he’s shared an important piece of advice for new players looking to enjoy their time with the Titanfall-inspired BR.

ImperialHal claims Apex Legends games are “torture” past midnight

Speaking on a recent livestream, he explained that he stops enjoying online matches when he plays past midnight, saying that’s when the “Gremlins” emerge.

“If I had to give you a tip of Apex Legends,” he said, “I would tell you to never play pubs past midnight. Literally the f**king Gremlins come out to play it. It is so bad. I played for like 3-4 hours and won two games. It was torture, actual torture.”

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Given his skill level, winning two matches in a session four hours long does seem out of the ordinary.

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Although he did not name-check it specifically, the struggles are likely down to Apex Legend’s skill-based matchmaking. It’s a mechanic that has come in for significant criticism in the past few years, but no more so than in Season 15.

Respawn have, as a result, promised substantial changes to the BR’s matchmaking. They are not expected until early 2023 though so, for now, it’s probably best to adhere to Hal’s advice and switch off your game when the clock strikes twelve, or else roll up your sleeves and sweat to stay alive.