NICKMERCS responds to ImperialHal ALGS “d-tier” verdict

ImperialHal NICKMERCS Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/TSM/NICKMERCS

In the latest chapter of an ongoing light but competitive feud between NICKMERCS and ImperialHal, Nick responded to a less-than-favorable ALGS tier list.

In March, NICKMERCS claimed that “it’s my purpose” to play competitive Apex Legends. His hard work came to fruition in July, accepting an invitation to compete in the ALGS Year 3 Stage 1 split. NICKMERC’s team, Tripods, currently sit in 16th place in the ALGS Pro League standings.

Nick received some flack for getting an invitation into the ALGS, but Apex Legends superstar ImperialHal backed him, admitting he has more “passion” than many pros who don’t do anything but play Apex. It hasn’t all been amicable between the two competitors, however.

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The pair got into a heated dispute over the future of Apex Legends and the direction of the game. Now the two are back for another round, this time because of an ALGS tier list.

ALGS trophyRespawn / EA
NICKMERCS and his team qualified for the ALGS Year 3 Stage 1 split.

NICKMERCS responds to ImperialHal’s ALGS tier list

ImperialHal’s TSM is currently first in the ALGS Pro League standings, while the Tripods are a middle-of-the-pack team.

In a clip from a recent stream, NICKMERCS claimed, “This guy (ImperialHal) has been talking made sh**. They put a video about us saying we are a D-tier team. A-F, and we were a D.”

NICKMERCS added fuel to the fire by releasing his own tier list, placing TSM in the lowest possible tier.

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He also went on to take an inadvertent shot at Cloud 9 in the stream clip amid the team’s struggles.

“They said Cloud 9 is better than us, and Cloud 9 just went bankrupt. All of their players split, and we have twice the amount of points as Cloud 9 in the pro league right now.”

It’s clear that the feud between these two Apex Legends pros is far from resolved.