ImperialHal hits out at ‘lazy’ Apex Legends pros for not practicing

Broken Moon map with ImperialHal and Apex Legends logo on topRespawn / ALGS

Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, professional Apex Legends player for TSM, has echoed criticism of the competitive community and hit out at players for their “laziness”.

The Apex Legends pro scene is currently going through a tough period. Recent developments have seen multiple esports organizations withdraw from the space, including Cloud9, G2 and Team Liquid.

The exodus prompted a response from Snip3down and ImperialHal, both of whom suggested the ALGS just doesn’t offer a viable return on organizations’ investments, but that’s not all.

Now, alongside fellow pros Gild and Enoch, Hal has lamented “laziness” from the pro scene and suggested that it has to change to preserve the battle royale’s esports. 

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ImperialHal criticizes ‘lazy’ Apex Legends pros

In a livestream, the TSM star echoed criticism from Gild and Enoch that there aren’t enough professional scrimmages in the Apex scene. 

Asked why Apex pros are so inactive compared to their counterparts in other esports, Hal responded to say there’s “not enough pressure” on them. 

“I don’t know, because a lot of them don’t get replaced,” he said. “I feel like there’s not enough pressure or they’re just paid nothing so they don’t care really. I’m not gonna name people.” 

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He continued: “It shouldn’t be hard [to get scrims]. Most of these guys are getting paid to do it. It’s their job. Someone said they don’t treat their position as a job, they still treat it as a hobby. So it just results in laziness.”

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While greater scrimmages wouldn’t save the scene singlehandedly, it’d go a long way to engaging fans and improving the standards of professional play.

It’s not just orgs leaving the Apex scene either. Recently, Daltoosh confirmed his intentions to switch from competitive Apex watch parties to Warzone. 

The ALGS London Major seems like a promising step to rectifying matters, but Hal was among those to label it a “missed opportunity” when the schedule was released.