iiTzTimmy reveals best weapon for damage badges in Apex Legends

Alex Garton
iiTzTimmy Longbow

Apex Legends streamer Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has revealed the best weapon in Apex Legends for farming damage and unlocking badges.

While taking home the victory in Apex Legends matches will always be the primary goal for players, there are other achievements available for competitors to earn.

Some of the most sought-after accolades are each of the damage badges, especially the challenge that requires reaching 4,000 damage in a single match.

This can seem almost impossible for a lot of the community, who simply struggle to hit the number no matter how many enemies they take down.

Well, according to iiTzTimmy, there’s a specific weapon you should be using to rack up damage, and it’s probably not the gun you’d expect.

Longbow sniper Apex Legends
The longbow is immensely strong at poking enemies from a distance.

Longbow is perfect for racking up damage in Apex Legends

A lot of players assume that a full auto SMG or AR is the best weapon for acquiring as much damage as possible in their matches.

However, according to iiTzTimmy, the “secret” is running a long-range rifle – in this case, the Longbow – that can poke enemies from a distance.

As sniper shots are unlikely to kill enemies in a single bullet, it allows you to rack up poke damage. After taking a shot, most enemies will go into cover and recover their lost shields.

This gives you a chance to shoot them again if they peak or push their position with your secondary, ultimately resulting in more overall damage for you.

You’d be surprised how much extra damage you can rack up by just having a Longbow in your secondary slot with a long-range optic.

The gun is extremely powerful if you’re accurate with your shots and with the Skullpiercer hop up, it’s a force to be reckoned with for any set of opponents.

While unlocking the 4k damage badge will never be easy, the Longbow is definitely a gun you should consider using if you want to boost your stats.

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