iiTzTimmy claims Apex Legends TTK is too fast in Season 14 after weapon changes

Alex Garton
Timmy Apex Legends

Apex Legends streamer Timothy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An thinks the weapon TTK in Season 14 has increased significantly and may be a little too fast.

Alongside Vantage, Kings Canyon map changes, and the level cap increase, Season 14 introduced a major set of weapon changes.

This completely shook up the meta, with guns labeled as underpowered in Season 13 suddenly dominating the Outlands in Hunted.

A lot of these buffs and upgrades came in the form of hop-ups, with the Longbow, 30-30 Repeater, and Wingman all getting the Skullpiercer, and of course, the EVA-8 being fit with the Double-Tap.

While these changes have seen underused weapons climb their way up into the meta, Apex streamer iiTzTimmy thinks they may have increased the overall TTK of guns a little too much.

EVA-8 Apex Legends
The Double-Tap hop-up is now available for the EVA-8 in Season 14.

iiTzTimmy complains weapon TTK is too high in Season 14

During a recent stream, Timmy was asked by one of his viewers whether he was enjoying Season 14 and the fresh content that was added.

In response, Timmy revealed that he likes Hunted but he does feel like “anytime I get shot I’m almost dead… the TTK in this season is so fast now”.

He blames the increase in weapon power on the multiple hop-ups that were added to a range of guns, including the Skullpiercer for the Longbow, 30-30, Wingman, and of course, the Double Tap EVA.

“Pushing me with a PK, EVA Double Tap, god damn, bowing me for half a second and I’m 1 hp… I’m just getting f***ed man”.

It’s hard to know whether Respawn was deliberately looking to increase the overall TTK of weapons heading into Season 14.

However, with all the hop-up changes, they’ve certainly achieved that and it’ll be interesting to see whether the community prefers it as we head further into Hunted.

Either way, there’s definitely less room for error and getting caught in the open in Season 14 is a guaranteed death sentence.