Apex Legends new level cap explained: Up to 2000 levels and more Apex Packs

Calum Patterson
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Apex Legends finally has a new level cap, arriving with the Season 14 update. But, it’s not as straightforward as just increasing the number on your badge – here’s how the level cap increase works, and how many Apex packs you can get.

The original level cap of 100 was quickly increased to 500 in year one of Apex, and it has stayed there ever since. For much of that time, the most dedicated players have been calling for a much-needed increase.

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The new increase won’t actually take players higher than level 500 though, instead, it operates like a prestige system, where you can grind your way through the levels multiple times.

What is the level cap in Apex Legends?

Starting on August 9, the new level cap is 2000 – but it will operate as 500 levels, 4 times.

Respawn is adding another three tiers of 500 levels to grind through, on top of the original 500 players could already complete. Each time you progress to a new tier, the color and design of your level badge will change, to show off which tier you’re on.

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The colors are green with an Octane theme for tier 2, then blue with what appears to be a Lifeline theme for tier 3, then red for the final tier.

It’s not clear yet if the time to complete each 500 levels is the same in each tier, or if it gets progressively harder.

How many Apex Packs do you get from levels?

Because new levels are being added, players will also be rewarded with more Apex Packs as they level up.

The 1500 extra levels that are being added (500×3) will provide an extra 345 packs in total. This means the total number of packs you can earn from leveling up is 544 – more than the 500 needed to guarantee an heirloom.

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Apex Legends Heirloom Shards Apex PacksRespawn Entertainment
Players can be guaranteed an heirloom simply by leveling up to a high level.

So, all players will now be guaranteed to unlock an heirloom, if they dedicate enough time to grind through all of the levels.

Leveling up will also grant more Legend tokens to players, which can be used for unlocking Legends as well as some cosmetic items.

Also coming in Season 14 is the new Legend Vantage, as well as big changes to Kings Canyon..

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