Team Snip3down win Apex Legends Twitch Rivals $50k event

apex legends twitch rivals logos with blurred Olympus Apex Legends map in backgroundTwitch/Respawn Entertainment

After 6 games of intense action, the team of Snip3down, Baronful and 72hrs emerged victorious in the Apex Legends Twitch Rivals $50,000 tournament.

  • Team Snip3down go huge in final game to take the grand prize.
  • Fended off competition from the likes of ImperialHal, Tfue and more.
  • 1st place prize was $15,000 for the trio.

With some of the best Apex Legends players in the world taking to the stage, here’s how the Twitch Rivals’ $50k Apex Legends tournament played out.

Apex Legends Twitch Rivals $50k final placements

Placement Team Prize Money
1st Team Snip3down $15,000
2nd Team Enoch $9,000
3rd Team GuhRL $6,000
4th Team babynikki $4,500
5th Team Tfue $3,000
6th Team VioletLex $1,500
7th Team HisAndHersLive $1,500
8th Team ClaraAtWork $900
9th Team ImperialHal $900
10th Team Tiffajessi $900

Apex Legends Twitch Rivals $50k results and recap

The first game saw the likes of HisAndHersLive, ImperialHal and Tiffajessi make their marks on the leaderboard, taking early leads atop the rest of the competition.

By Game 3, however, they had been caught up by the likes of Teams GuhRL, babynikki and Enoch. These were eventually compounded entirely by Team Snip3down, which was the definition of boom or bust.

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Amassing just 1 point across Games 1, 3 and 5, they were able to pull off high-kill victories in the rest of their games to ensure a spot at the top. In fact, their 28 points in Game 6 was the most any team achieved in the tournament, helping them fend off competition from Team GuhRL, who were also on a stormer.

There will have been some sour tastes in the mouths of Team Enoch, who had a healthy lead going into the final map, but secured just 8 points to let Snip3down and co. overtake at the final hurdle.

Twitch Rivals Apex Legends resultsTwitch
Team Snip3down went huge in Game 6 to win the tournament.

Apex Legends Twitch Rivals $50k format

This Twitch Rivals tournament saw the 20 team captains select their trios, with Twitch “vetting each team to ensure competitive integrity.”

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In a massive custom lobby, teams took to World’s Edge for three matches and Olympus for another three matches, scoring points for both placement and elimination. With 1 point per kill, here’s how the placement points were given out:

  • 1st: 12
  • 2nd: 9
  • 3rd: 7
  • 4th: 5
  • 5th: 4
  • 6-7th: 3
  • 8-10th: 2
  • 11-15th: 1
  • 16-20th: 0

Apex Legends Twitch Rivals $50k teams

With many top pros and content creators getting involved, here were the teams for the Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament:

ClaraAtWork, acektm7, drac iiTzTimmy, JoeWo, Tsoonami Princess, TSM_Reps, Pearllax VioletLex, MonsoonGG, Aniemal
Enoch, Dezignful, Punisher Loveabilities, Janey, Draynilla Snip3down, 72hrs, Baronful wethepeople1, CalamitiTV, Xplosive
GuhRL, Reptar, McGravy LuluLuvely, Xenial, Myth BabyNikki, FunFPS, Kobi TiffaJessi, RamBeauFPS, MickSlick
HisAndHersLive, vsnz, ImMadness Mendo, Albralelie, Drumbum Tfue, Sweetdreams, SypherPK Silenced_Knight, DanielFenner, LionFYD
hundreds, Nelsinho7x, bruuks NiceWigg, TannerSlays, BriggsADA ImperialHal, TheKine, LoochyTV NessPhace, Hollow, Somjuu

With a wild assortment of teams and some intense matches, fans will be waiting in anticipation for the next big Apex Legends Twitch Rivals tournament.