How to use Mirage’s ultimate correctly in Apex Legends

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends players have seemingly been using Mirage’s Vanishing Act ultimate incorrectly, with one Redditor showing how it should be used to gain wins, not backtracking to heal up.

Ever since the game released back in February, Apex Legends players have been finding new and genius ways to use items and abilities in-game. Be it Pathfinder’s grapple, or hiding with Caustic, there is a different use for nearly everything that is currently in use around Kings Canyon.

The newest, however, comes in the form – or several forms – of Mirage’s bamboozling ultimate which which many players use a defensive Ultimate, using it to escape from a gunfight unseen in order to heal up behind cover.

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends players using Mirage is a regular sight around Kings Canyon.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user red_dollar pointed out that while some players don’t seem to be fans of the legend’s Vanishing Act ultimate, suggesting it could be underpowered, there are ways to make it incredibly effective.

Instead of explaining why, though, the Redditor opted to show why they are such a big fan with a very satisfying compilation.

With a number of game-winning highlights, red_dollar uses the ultimate to force players back and flank them instead of how many players currently use it to retreat. Instead of Mirage going on the back foot, opposing players are left with no sight of the player, who is able to sneak up undetected for a free kill.

Other Mirage users chimed in, agreeing with the Redditor’s stance of using Vanishing Act to go on the offensive.

“I main Mirage and I find that the people who don’t like the ult are using it wrong,” added one user. “You have to use it how you are, offensively, rather than an escape.”

Another user noted that many players end up being frustrated by the ultimate because they run away and are eliminated by stray bullets.

They compared it to Wraith’s tactical ability, where players who use it as a “repositioning tactic and not an escape do well.”

Other Mirage mains may want to consider changing up their play style to suit the ultimate’s proper use, or even consider learning to use a different hero altogether that might just prove beneficial.

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