ImperialHal reveals must-use weapon to dominate Apex Legends Season 16

ImperialHal Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/TSM

Apex Legends pro Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has revealed which weapon everyone should be using in Season 16 to rack up kills

Season 16 of Apex Legends has finally arrived and the major update introduced a variety of new content to the game.

From the Nemesis AR to the action-packed TDM mode, Respawn certainly didn’t hold back with Revelry and the Anniversary Collection Event.

Despite all these exciting additions, it’s the balance patch that’s had the biggest impact on the meta, with an array of guns receiving buffs and nerfs.

Well, following the changes, ImperialHal has revealed which “insane” weapon everyone should be using in Season 16.

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Apex Legends R99Respawn Entertainment
Both the CAR and R301 were nerfed with the Season 16 patch.

ImperialHal says R99 is better than CAR in Season 16

After Season 16 went live, ImperialHal had a chance to test out all of the weapons and establish which picks would be dominating the new meta.

Well, according to him, the R99 is “one-clipping” everyone consistently, and as a result, “you should be using the R99 every single game”.

The “insane” SMG offers huge damage at close quarters if you can land your shots and is “definitely better than the CAR” following the balance changes.

This is likely due to the small nerf that the CAR received in Revelry, which slightly reduced its ammo capacity.

It’s clear Hal has a lot of faith in the R99 and believes the “busted” weapon may the go-to pick for the majority of players.

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Of course, the R99 isn’t the easiest gun to use due to its blisteringly fast fire rate, but for high-skill competitors and pros, it appears to be the top-tier option.