How to get into secret bunker on Kings Canyon in Apex Legends


An Apex Legends player has exposed a secret landing spot on Kings Canyon that will guarantee you a legendary revive shield each time you head there. 

With the launch of Apex Legends season five, Respawn Entertainment shook up the Kings Canyon map – adding a handful of new locations, while completely destroying old faithful spots like Skulltown. 

As players continue to drop into games during the new season, they’re figuring out where is the best place to land based on loot, potential for early fights, and how their rotations will work. Though, one set of players have uncovered a spot that might not have the best loot, but might go slightly unnoticed.

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Respawn Entertainment
Kings Canyon has been shaken up for season five.

The hidden location was pointed out by Reddit user Damon388, who revealed that players can head into the secret bunker under the Broken Coast south landmark without the need to open the hatch from above.

All that is required is that players line-up their drop route correctly so that they can glide safely into gap in the cliffside and not plunge to their death.

Once inside, run to the right side, past the ultimate charging station, down a small hallway, and open up the doors.

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A legendary knockdown shield will be waiting on the other side, but don’t charge into the small area with the speed of Octane, otherwise, you might find yourself falling to your death. 

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Other fans have noted that once the location becomes not-so-secret anymore, it might not be the most viable of landing spots, seeing as there isn’t all that much loot to get your hands on aside from the shield.

Regardless of that, though, getting your hands on a legendary item from the start of the game is obviously going to be a huge help and give you a leg up on the competition. Just be wary of needing to find a weapon or two elsewhere on your rotations.