Apex Legends Season 5 update lets Mirage perform “aggressive revives”

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Mirage players are getting used to the Holographic Trickster’s new set of buffs from the Apex Legends Season 5 update that’s letting them pull off increasingly risky plays.

One such tactic that the Apex Games’ posterboy can now perform is an “aggressive revive,” described by user ‘stuey57’ who went stealth in the middle of an explosive fight by using the new passive for the Legend.

“Aggressive Revives are now a thing with the new Mirage buff,” they said, showing a clip of gameplay. In the middle of a scuffle, Mirage dropped down to take advantage of the chaos.

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Respawn Entertainment
Season 5 gave Mirage more tools to be a top tier pick in Apex Legends.

With the new buff, all they needed to do was start the revival for their downed Caustic and both would go imperceptible to the distracted players on their flanks.

An amusing part of the post is that it seems like the Mirage on the other team had the same idea as stuey57, although at the time there were only two of three members of their team on the scene.

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This tactic was incredibly potent since stuey’s trailing Loba was able to arrive moments before the revival would be complete, which would have ended Mirage’s passive.

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But she started shooting down at the opponents as the bar let up. You can see one player was inspecting nearby, but the reigning shots were enough to effectively distract the enemy

Moments later, Mirage and the revived Caustic were able to mop up since the upward-facing foes were locked up on a different engagement.

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“I like how, what was the worst Legend in the game, became a better medic than the medic,” user ‘A_Bad_Meme_lmoa’ said.

The same sentiment was expressed by a lot of players who were impressed by Mirage living up to Lifeline’s nickname the Combat Medic.

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“As a day-one Lifeline main, I feel this Mirage rework just put the last nail in her coffin,” user ‘MrFlyingKitty’ said, noting how Mirage is much better at staying alive thanks to his tools while Lifeline has neither escape or mobility.

While players think its a healthy upgrade for Mirage in general, the clip showed how Apex Legends’ new Combat Medic can use aggressive revives in the heat of battle.