How to get infinite slide using Crypto’s Drone in Apex Legends

Daniel Cleary
Crypto and drone in Apex Legends

A clever trick has been found with Crypto’s Drone in Apex Legends, allowing the Surveillance Expert to infinitely slide in Respawn’s battle royale title.

Crypto has one of the most unique ability kits in Apex Legends, equipped with a drone for scouting and spying on his opponents in the arena, although he has little when it comes to movement or combat abilities.

However, Crypto mains appear to have found a new trick with the Legend, which can increase his movement speed, allowing him to get away from any fight with an infinite slide mechanic.

crypto in Apex Legends
A new exploit has been found with Crypto’s drone in Apex Legends.

While the distance of a slide, in Apex Legends, is usually determined by momentum and whether or not a player is going downhill, a simple trick with Crypto’s drone seems to ignore all physics.

The bizarre mechanic was shared by u/thisisrhubarb on July 1, demonstrating that activating Crypto’s drone while sliding will continue the Legend on his path until he hits an object or wall.

Although the clip features Crypto initially sliding down a hill, it looks like it can be done on any surface, but it may be harder to time the drone use during smaller slides.

This simple trick could be a great help to Crypto players, allowing the character to gain some distance between himself and his opponents following a fight.

It is worth noting that it can be difficult to keep up with where Crypto’s slide takes him, after pulling out the drone mid-slide, so players will have to hope their runway is clear after using this trick.

While the exploit also seems to have its downsides, it is unknown whether or not this is a feature that was intended to be added to Crypto by the Respawn devs.

Crypto looks to play a big part in the future of Apex Legends’ storyline, with a recent teaser featuring the Legend’s sister reaching out to him through one of the bunkers.