Crypto receives message from long-lost sister in new Apex Legends teaser

Albert Petrosyan

[jwplayer cgdaanpd] It appears that Crypto’s sister, Mila, is alive and well, as she’s sent a mysterious video message, visible only to her brother, in one of the new Apex Legends bunkers.

Aside from its electric gameplay and various other unique aspects, Apex Legends is also known for its fascinating lore, which extends deeply into each character’s backstory and origin.

Crypto, as his name suggests, has always been one of the more mysterious Legends since being added in Season 3, as not much has been revealed about his past or why he joined the Apex Games.

According to Respawn Entertainment, the Surveillance Expert, whose real name is Tae Joon, has a sister named Mila, who “vanished under mysterious and violent circumstances,” leading many to believe that she was dead.

Respawn EntertainmentCrypto’s sister could be the key to Apex Legends fans finding more about the Surveillance Expert’s lore.

However, the latest teaser in Apex Legends suggests otherwise. Following the new map change that allows players to open loot bunker 2 on Kings Canyon, a message was found from someone who claims to be Mila addressed to her brother.

The video, which can only be played using Crypto’s drone, features the sister telling Tae Joon that she believed him to be dead and reveals a few details about the attack that separated the two.

“T, it’s Mi, I’m using the drone’s encryption protocol, only you can hear me,” she says. “They, whoever they are, they came to my place. I got away, but they caught up with me. I thought they were going to kill me. I thought they killed you.”

If the message seems incomplete, that’s probably because it is. When Crypto’s drone is loading up the video, you can see the screen show “loading message 1/3,” which clearly means that there are two other parts that Mila recorded and sent.

That’s… pretty much all we’ve got right now. There’s no indication when, or where, parts two and three will surface, although it’s most likely to be in another one of the loot bunkers that could be opened soon.

However, the official Apex Legends Twitter did post a cryptic tweet shortly after players found Mila’s recording, which shows what appears to by Crypto’s laptop confirming that it was indeed her speaking in the video. Kings Canyon is also featured in the GIF, so the map certainly seems to be tied in with whatever’s going on.

As for what this all means, there’s not much to go on, so only time will tell. We’ll probably need to see the next two parts of Mila’s video message to get a better idea of what’s coming, but there’s no doubt that fans will be excited at the prospect of learning more about Crypto’s origin, seeing as how he’s a fascinating character.

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