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Hilarious Apex Legends bug turns characters into “frogs” when downed

Published: 30/Jun/2020 23:03

by Bill Cooney


A new Apex Legends bug that’s been popping up allows characters to continue moving quickly and even jump after they get downed, and while it might not be extremely useful, it’s completely hilarious.

Normally, being downed in Apex means crawling around slowly and hiding behind your Knockdown Shield while you hope for a teammate to come over and pick you up.

However, a new bug has surfaced that lets you move and hop around just fine while knocked. One instance shows Lifeline, despite being downed, still able to move and even jump around like a frog as her teammate follows behind.


When Lifelined jump up, the animation freezes the model for a second, making her look more like Mario and Luigi’s cousin or something of that sort, rather than an Apex Legends character.

Is this some sort of secret Lifeline buff that nobody is talking about? from apexlegends

But it’s not just Lifeline that can be affected by the glitch. In the comments, users reported they had seen similar bugs happen with Wraith and even Gibraltar, who, appropriately enough, was able to continue using his Knockdown Shield while zooming around as well.

Even though you are able to move around quicker and jump, you’re still downed and thus don’t have access to weapons or abilities. So, while entertaining, it’s probably still worth having your teammates pull you up (unless they’re too busy giggling at the frog-like animation).


But, that’s not to say it’s completely useless. If you do get downed away from your teammates, you could use the additional mobility to hide in a spot an enemy might not be expecting, like a small corner or crevice away from where you were initially attacked.

Octane kicking mirage in Apex Legends
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This glitch won’t save you from being humiliated by a finisher, though.

As for how to avoid this glitch, there’s really no foolproof way other than avoiding getting knocked completely, which is the ultimate goal anyway.

Since that’s a tall order for most players, just making sure your squad is sticking together and watching each other’s backs and that should keep this glitch limited to being just a hilarious little distraction when it does happen.