How to complete Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest ‘Enter the Revenants’

Respawn Entertainment

The new Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest mission ⁠— “Enter the Revenants” ⁠— is here, and this time players are tasked with fighting their way through Kings Canyon’s Water Treatment as Revenant makes his debut in the Season 5 challenge.

We’re three weeks into the game-changing “Broken Ghost” storyline, and it’s safe to say it’s already changed Apex forever. The battle royale once just followed the last-man-standing formula: now it’s bringing full-blown PvE storytelling.

Every quest, or “hunt” as Apex Legends calls them, is fairly simple: drop into Kings Canyon, kill a stack of enemies, get the mission reward (usually an artifact) and get the heck out of there before you die. Week 2 was a huge success.

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This week, the Portuguese thief’s battle is getting personal. Mission 3 is called ‘Enter the Revenants,’ and begins veering closer and closer to Season 5’s overarching story. Here’s how to beat the latest Broken Ghost quest.

Apex Legends villain Revenant plays a big role in this week's Broken Ghost event mission.Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends villain Revenant plays a big role in this week’s Broken Ghost event mission.

How to complete the Broken Ghost “Enter the Revenants” mission

Step 1 ⁠— Destroy Revenant’s revival totems

The first mission step in Enter the Revenants is where this Broken Ghost quest deviates the most from the first two episodes. You begin Revenant’s “challenge of Shadows” already in the simulacrum’s ghost mode.

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After landing, you have to run around and destroy six of Revenant’s totems, all while battling the Prowlers hunting you across the map. You are given fast climbing, and can smash down doors, but it comes at the price of being gunless.

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Each of the totems are fairly easy to find ⁠— they’re lit up by a quest marker in order ⁠— but the real trick is staying clear of the Prowlers as you do it. Make sure you stick to roofs and high ground where you can with your boosted climb.

You're going to have to run away from plenty of Prowlers in this week's Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest.Respawn Entertainment
You’re going to have to dodge plenty of Prowlers in this week’s Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest.

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Step 2 — Dig up Revenant’s artifact

Once you’ve escaped the Revenant mode Quest 3 dumps you in straight off the bat, you’ll be able to pick up weapons ⁠— more than likely just the Mastiff we were handed in our mission run-through ⁠— and start blasting Prowlers.

This is also where Enter the Revenants deviates back to the norm for the Broken Ghost quests: there’s another artifact to dig up next. Head into Water Treatment, and scoop up any med-kits and loot you see along the way too.

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Inside the central Water Treatment facility, you’ll find the spot where you have to place this week’s artifact drill. Get ready for a fight too; you’ll have about two minutes of wave defense against the Prowlers after this.

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Step 3 — Escape!

Collect the artifact that appears at the end of the wave defense, and you’ve entered the last stage of the mission. Here, we have the usual finale: “Escape!”

You’ll be given around two minutes to escape the now-overrun Water Treatment, and get to the dropship waiting for you out the back of the point of interest. Head out the back door and swing right ⁠— you should see the ship in the distance. Make it to the waiting escape vehicle, and you’ve finished Quest 3.

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This week's Broken Ghost story cutscene is told from Octane's perspective.Respawn Entertainment
This week’s Broken Ghost story cutscene is told from Octane’s perspective.

Broken Ghost Chapter 3: “The Liberated Narc”

Once you complete the ‘Enter the Revenants’ mission, you will be given access to a text-only cutscene called “The Liberated Narc”. This story cutscene is told from Octane’s perspective and begins during his date with Yoko.

During the cutscene, Revenant plants the seeds of doubt within the Legends. He suggested there’s a mole in their ranks. Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound arrive soon after, ready to fight, and Revenant beats a hasty retreat.

Banglore then ignores Revenant’s mole warning, but orders Octane to return to Hammond legal officer Yoko to see if he can get more information. Everyone leaves, Octane ignores the order, and heads out to find Loba’s artifacts instead.

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The next Broken Quest mission is expected to arrive next week. Part four should be called ‘The Impromptu Kidnapper,’ according to the Apex Legends Season 5 game code files. It will likely be told from Lifeline’s perspective.

So far, the new weekly player-vs-environment campaign has been well received. Respawn has clearly taken notice of that too ⁠— the devs may be adding a Titanfall-themed questline next, including Titans, Pilots, wall-running, and more.