Apex Legends dev confirms self-revive changes coming soon

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn producer Josh Medina has revealed that changes will be made to the legendary Knockdown Shield’s self resurrection capabilities following demand from Apex Legends players.

Apex Legends maintains a tier-based looting system with different colors used to signify the strength of weapons or armor, with all legendary items marked with a gold tint.

As well as providing more protection than other gear, legendary armor pieces can come with unique passive abilities that can give players the edge in a tough situation.

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Apex Legends players with a legendary knockdown shield are given the chance to self resurrect once they’ve been knocked, however, not all players are happy with the current state of the passive.

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TSM pro player Reps called for changes to the self revive, suggesting that it should only be possible to use once one of your teammates is still alive in the arena.

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“Make self rez only work if at least 1 of your teammates is alive. Maybe increase the speed of using it slightly. Actually so sick of this item in competitive,” he explained, revealing frustrations with the legendary shield.

Reps’ teammate Albralelie also highlighted that the self revive kits could cost you quite a lot in the late game, with some final kills and placements not counting due to opponents having this Legendary shield.

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Respawn making changes to self-revive

Respawn has been aware of the potential problems that the legendary knockdown shield can cause, with Apex Legends dev Josh Medina explaining that changes are coming soon.

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While it is still unclear what the exact changes Respawn has planned are, it is likely to address some of the problems that players have been having with this passive ability.

It’s possible that they follow the pro players’ advice and speed it up while also requiring a teammate still be alive. However, what competitive players want and what casual players want are often two different things.

Respawn are now tasked with making a change that suits all types of players, which is always a daunting task.

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