Genius Apex Legends trick lets you cancel Lifeline’s revive

Andy Williams
Lifeline res shield in Apex Legends

[jwplayer UQowmNq2]A useful Apex Legends trick has surfaced which allows players to cancel Lifeline’s Combat Revive passive ability if she attempts to heal a downed enemy.

Apex Legends is full of handy tricks to help you get through the chaos that ensues in the Apex Games. After all, one-upping your opponent can be the difference between life and death in most situations.

Whether it be tweaking the Selectfire Hop-Up to store the Havoc’s charge or cutting the reload time in half for weapons, there’s plenty of nifty tips that players can use to their advantage.

Although, Apex’s resident healer also has a few tricks up her sleeve. Players might already know that equipping a Guardian Angel backpack while healing a teammate will instantly heal their allies, but there’s also a nifty way to counter that.

Lifeline in Apex Legends.
After a series of buffs, Lifeline is now a top-tier Legend.

How to cancel Lifeline’s Combat Revive

Now that Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone does all of the hard yards for the Combat Medic, the Support Legend can get into the thick of the fight while her teammate is automatically revived.

Although, Lifeline’s healing drone can be easily countered during the revive animation, after an eagle-eyed player spotted a clever trick.

Essentially, players can just shoot the D.O.C. drone to completely cancel the entire revive, leaving downed opponents completely exposed.

While this sounds completely straightforward on the surface, most players wouldn’t think to do this, as they’d be too involved with trying to finish off the kill.

But in situations where the drone is the only part exposed, this can be extremely useful. Not only will it cancel the revive animation, but it will also bring down Lifeline’s shield — leaving the downed foe completely vulnerable to the elements.

Of course, this is an entirely situational play, but is a useful piece of information to have on tap and could prime players to make a high-tier play in the most difficult of circumstances.

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