Clever Havoc trick in Apex Legends lets you store charge and insta-fire

Respawn Entertainment

The Havoc is one of the most imposing guns in all of Apex Legends, often considered the battle royale’s most overpowered weapon, but a recently shown Selectfire trick makes it even deadlier.

For some, the Havoc’s efficacy can feel hindered by the shot’s charging time. Whether using it as an automatic AR or single-fire with the Selectfire Hop-Up, it has a slight charge-up before bullets start launching.

Once it does get going, the assault rifle is staggeringly accurate with absurd bullet velocity and high-damage per shot. That makes the slight delay worthwhile, but players have discovered a way to store one shot that can be loosed without delay. 

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As seen in the above clip, the Havoc is still a ridiculous squad-wiper even with the slight loading time before bullets begin flying. The recoil is very easy to control and the shots pack an Andy Ruiz Jr.-esque punch despite hitting sooner and faster than every single automatic weapon in the game.

The gun can switch to single-fire with a Hop-Up, turning it into a hitscan beam quasi-sniper that takes more ammo per shot, but does devastating damage without any falloff for leg shots. While that too typically requires a charge, Redditor ‘alfons100’ has shown how you can circumvent that for one shot in Season 5.

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While it’s unclear whether this is a bug or not, they demonstrate that you can successfully store and shoot one single-fire beam sans delay. As they explain, prior to Season 4 you could also do the inverse, hitting one charge-less shot on the automatic setting like a poor man’s Turbocharger. 

That was shadow-fixed, but this one remains doable in the game as long as you have Selectfire attached and start in single-fire mode.

How to store a charge and insta-fire your Havoc

  1. Beginning on single-fire, hold down the button to shoot.
  2. Quickly, before the shot releases, toggle to automatic and back to single-fire (at this point, you can release the button to shoot).
  3. Once back on single-fire, you can aim in and fire your first shot instantly.

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The Havoc is a straight laser on single-fire, working like a quicker Charge Rifle that can dominate from medium to long-range if you hit your shots. This makes the gun incredibly versatile, especially since it outduels most weapons when used automatically at slightly closer ranges.

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Using the stored-shot trick isn’t going to completely shift fights, but it can certainly help you get an advantage. Just remember, if you do anything that the charge will no longer be stored if you stow your weapon to run or switch back to auto.