Revenant & Pathfinder have a hidden buff vs Caustic gas in Apex Legends

Connor Bennett
Revenant and Caustic from Apex Legends

[jwplayer J4j9SlSw]Apex Legends players have uncovered a secret change that allows Pathfinder and Revenant to take less damage from Caustic’s Nox Gas compared to other characters. 

When it comes to winning in Apex Legends, aside from getting top tier loot and racking up kills, you’ve got to be able to navigate the perils of enemy players’ abilities. 

Each character has their own unique way of trying to shut you down, with some abilities more powerful than others. One of the most annoying to play against comes in the form of Caustic’s Nox Gas. It is deployed from a small trap and will cloud your vision as well as decrease your health.

But, players have found that two legends – Pathfinder and Revenant – have an increased tolerance to the gas compared to other characters.

Caustic’s Nox Gas is a deadly ability to face in Apex.

It was uncovered by Reddit user BloonH8TR, who showcased a video of them using the Caustic gas trap against an enemy Revenant and Bloodhound. 

As the gas was deployed and started picking away at the two characters health bars, Bloodhound’s damage per tick quickly jumped up to ten while Revevnant topped out at seven. 

The Technological Tracker was quickly sent to the floor, needing a revive, when the gas trap went away, Revenant was still on his feet. The Synthetic Nightmare still had a touch of health left, though, he’d probably be wiped out by a stray Mozambique shot.

Some players noted that this might actually have to do with Revenant and Pathfinder being metal-based characters. The gas wouldn’t rip them apart as easily as someone like Bloodhound or Wraith who are actually just skin. 

Of course, there is always the off-chance that this is a bug that allows the two characters to take reduced damage. Respawn hasn’t commented on it one way or the other. 

Though, it could be the spark that sees Revenant’s pick rate start to creep up from the bottom of the table.