Clever Apex Legends trick turns Lifeline into the ultimate healer

Connor Bennett

[jwplayer J4j9SlSw]Apex Legends players have uncovered a neat trick with Lifeline where if she grabs a gold backpack while also reviving a squadmate with her healing drone, the teammate will be instantly revived and healed.

Lifeline is Apex Legends only dedicated healer among a raft of support characters. The Combat Medic is also a popular choice with players – especially after the recent Lost Treasures Collection Event update gave her a buff.

The buff now allows Lifeline to revive two teammates at once – one with her healing drone, and another with her doing it herself. 

However, the healing drone revive can be sped up pretty quickly if Lifeline manages to find a gold backpack from a downed enemy.

Lifeline received a pretty major buff in the recent Apex Legends update.

The clever tip was pointed out by Reddit user kalwardin2005, who showed a video from one of their recent games. While playing as Lifeline, the Redditor took down a few enemies while their teammates were also downed.

They started picking one up with the D.O.C drone before taking some rewards from the deathboxes of their eliminated foes.

As they picked up a gold backpack – which provides Health and Shields after a revive – kalwardin2005 reported that their teammate was quickly picked up off the floor and started getting healed by the drone.

While some fans might assume that this could be bugged, other players pointed out that it is a tactic they’ve been running since Lifeline was given her buff and rework at the start of Lost Treasures. Though it does take a bit of luck for you to be able to find a backpack right at that the exact time you need it. Especially a gold one. 

However, it seems as if Respawn intended for the tactic to work this way seeing as they haven’t disavowed it as a bug or something similar. Though, we’ll have to keep an eye on it moving forward.