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Genius Apex Legends idea sorts characters into more unique classes

Published: 26/Dec/2020 19:36

by Julian Young


The Apex Legends community is always vocal about Legend balancing, and a post on the battle royale’s subreddit provides some ideas on how the current character classes can be improved in the future.

Apex Legends continues to dominate the battle royal genre alongside other giants like Warzone and Fortnite. The fundamental design of Respawn’s BR provides players with an experience that can’t be found in similar titles.

Unlike other BRs where a player’s character is just a visual preference, each Legend created by Respawn has a unique set of abilities that sets them apart from other characters. This system means the developer is constantly tweaking the game’s characters with buffs or nerfs.


The Apex community is passionate about their favorite characters, and are always providing Respawn with feedback on balancing the game’s Legends. A post by ‘sizzle_burn’ on r/ApexLegends suggests Respawn should take the current character classes in a totally new direction.

Legends reclassified from apexlegends

Since the game’s release, each Legend has been sorted into one of four classes: Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Recon. While each of these options has a unique description for its characters, the classes themselves do not affect the game’s characters in a very meaningful way.

In their post, sizzle_bum breaks down the current system and reorganizes each Legend into one of five new classes: Assault, Runner, Recon, Support, or Pioneer. These new designations help to organize each Legend into a specific role that better suits their unique abilities.


For example, instead of Gibraltar being classified as a Defensive character, in the new system he would be a Support Legend. The updated Support Legends are meant to keep their squad alive with healing or equipment, meaning Gibraltar fits right in with his dome shield.

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A post shared on the Apex Legends subreddit calls for some major changes to the game’s character classes.

Each of the five new classes leans more into character abilities instead of a general playstyle when breaking down each Legend. According to sizzle_bum, this new system was developed because “the current classifications do not accurately reflect the Legends’ capabilities.”

They point out how terms like Offensive and Defensive are better for describing a playstyle instead of a character’s abilities. The current system also has more Offensive Legends than any other class, and this reorganization would provide players with more class variety to choose from.


The developer has not responded to the post which has been upvoted more than 22k times at the time of writing. Respawn has touched on Legend balancing many times before, and may respond when their team returns after the holidays.