Dr Disrespect slams “boring” Apex Legends

Connor Bennett

Twitch star Dr Disrespect explained why he “hates” Apex Legends and how it bores him to death – despite going in search of becoming an Apex Champion.

Despite releasing to much acclaim back in February, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends title still has its detractors. Dr Disrespect firmly falls under this category after constantly raging at how the game ‘breaks’ and its problems with hit registration.

The Doc is never one to shy away from giving his unfiltered opinion on something – and that’s one reason why thousands of fans tune in on a daily basis. He’s already PUBG and Fortnite during recent streams, but couldn’t resist the urge to let out all his pent up anger at Apex Legends once again.

G FUELThe Doc has never been one to shy away from voicing his opinions.

During his August 8 stream, the Twitch star had been attempting to complete his Triple Threat Challenge with Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop when they ran into some trouble with Apex.

The lack of success prompted the Doc to blow his top. “I hate this game, I don’t like this game,” the streamer stated. “I hate this game. This game gets me more upset than any game I’ve ever played. I cannot stand this game.”

He wasn’t finished there though, taking his rant up to the next level by explaining why he feels the way he does. The Two-Time added: “I hate shooting shields, it’s boring me to death,” before raising his tone. “boring me to death! This game sucks man – it’s dead!” he called out, becoming visibly angrier. “I don’t want to shoot shields my whole life.”

His frustrations grew even further as Courage was swarmed upon by opposing players and eliminated despite being in a decent position to potentially win.

“I’m gonna break my desk, I’m going to break everything around me,” he threatened, prompting laughs from his fellow streamer before pleading with him to not do so.

Of course, the Two-Time opted to keep his desk intact and was, instead, able to make some headway with Apex Legends and secure a victory – even though it did take another hour of playing.

However, that might be the last time – for now, at least – that fans are able to see the Doc running around Kings Canyon, so they might just have to savor the moment.

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