Dr Disrespect claims Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon is far better than Storm Point “snooze”

Dr Disrespect next to Storm Point mapYT: Dr Disrespect / Respawn Entertainment

Moustached YouTube entertainer Dr Disrespect has hit out at Apex Legends’ Storm Point map, claiming Kings Canyon is far superior than the tropical environment which dropped with Season 11. 

Apex Legends’ map rotation has become a hot topic in the community. When the game just boasted Kings Canyon there was little point in debating whether other maps should take its place but, now players have been treated to four different BR environments, the debate seldom stops. 

Kings Canyon remains and was overhauled with Season 14, but it has been joined by World’s Edge, Olympus and, most recently, Storm Point. 

The September 27 Ranked split changed the mode’s map from KC to Storm Point and, while some players welcomed the change and the chance to drop into a different environment, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect does not appear to be among them. 

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Dr Disrespect hits out at Storm Point as a “snooze of a map” 

On October 6, the two-time criticized the Season 11 map and stated he’d prefer Kings Canyon at all times. 

“I’d take King’s Canyon over Storm Point any day,” he said. “Snooze of [a] map…”. 

Others did agree, with Storm Point’s slightly slower pacing meaning Ranked matches take on a more tactical feel. 

Some did challenge the Doc on his assertions. TSM content creator Albralelie suggested the issues are with the Ranked mode itself, and not Storm Point: “It’s only a snooze because the ranked system doesn’t support the play style of the map. When everyone dies in the first 5 minutes, SP is the most boring map in the game.” 

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It’s very unlikely that Respawn will adjust the Ranked Split map so, for the time being, Doc will have to make do with the snoozy Storm Point. 

There’s always the chance for his opinion to change as it has in the past. Just a few weeks ago, he broke a mouse while ranting about the need to remove Kings Canyon from the BR altogether. 

Maybe Season 15 will bring a map that has all the violence, speed, and momentum the Doc is after.