How to open Apex Legends loot bunker 2 and get guaranteed gold guns

David Purcell
Bunker 2 in Apex Legends

[jwplayer J4j9SlSw]Respawn Entertainment have now made it possible to enter a second loot bunker in Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon map, so let’s take a look at how to get inside and what you will find there.

The popular battle royale game appears to be going from strength to strength in recent times, with millions of players pouring into the arena since Season 5 started up.

When the first loot bunker sprung its doors open, players were left wondering about a second, and it looks like their wish of getting inside another location has come true.

How to get inside Apex Legends loot bunker 2

In the first bunker, for those who haven’t visited it yet, there’s a Golden Knockdown guaranteed inside. This is handy for those who want to perform self-revives in-game, and is especially useful to have on offer in the late game.

That being said, the second seems to feature other rare weapons there instead – as seen in a Reddit post from user Kit4Kat417. A step-by-step guide on how to get inside can be found below.

  1. Fire up Apex Legends and jump into Kings Canyon.
  2. From there, head over to the valley near Repulsor on the map.
  3. Land next to the water and interact with the button at the front.
  4. The door should then swing upon, for you and teammates to enter.

Where exactly is the second Apex Legends loot bunker?

Having seen the clip, many players will be aware of the exact location of where to enter the new looting spot.

If you’re one of those who aren’t exactly sure, let’s pinpoint the place you need to go in order to get inside on Kings Canyon. There, you will find a shed load of loot which may or may not take you further in your quest to become an Apex Champion.

The second Bunker on Kings Canyon
The second bunker is located near Repulsor, next to the river.

What’s inside Apex Legends loot vault 2?

The first one might have included a Golden Knockdown shield, but there is more variety this time around.

There will be a guaranteed Golden weapon drop there instead, with players reporting all sorts of different guns found – including the EVA, Sentinel, and Prowler.

With the word now out, just like the first one, this bunker’s location is likely to be a hot drop spot for many members of the community.

The only way to find out if that’s true, however, is to land there in-game and see what happens! Hopefully, you will be the one who escapes with the gold.