Clues suggest new planet and map for Apex Legends Season 3

Calum Patterson

The third season of Apex Legends is right around the corner, starting on October 1, and there’s lots of excitement about what might be coming, with some theories even suggesting a new map is in the works. 

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Admittedly, this theory is somewhat optimistic, drawing on various small hints and teasers and bringing them together to form the bigger picture.

It suggests that a new location, away from Kings Canyon, called Psamathe, could either join or even replace the current map in Apex Legends.

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What is Psamathe?

Psamathe is a planet in the Titanfall universe, and actually happens to be the birthplace of both Lifeline and Octane.

The planet was first mentioned in related to Apex Legends after the attack of the flyers and leviathans at the start of Season 2.

In a blog post on the official website, it’s stated that “Images of the disaster (in Kings Canyon) have been splashed across holoscreens from Solace to Psamathe.”

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Could Psamathe be the new map?

We already know that Season 3 is called ‘Meltdown’, but it was previously leaked as being named ‘Fire and Ice’. 

In fact, in the Season 3 announcement, one line teases some kind of Fire and Ice situation, stating: “Drop in and put your enemies on Ice”, while the Italian version translates to “Eliminate enemies and explore lava and ice scenarios”

Another clue is this concept art for Lifeline – lava can be seen in the background of the icey land.

Is this Lifeline art our first glimpse of Psamathe?
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Crypto teases new planet

Bringing all these clues together is the lore for new Legend Crypto, who is joining the lineup of characters at the start of Season 3.

In a cryptic message, he wrote: “I took down the Repulsor tower. I had no idea it would be so insane. I’m hoping the damage was enough to close Kings Canyon, so I can hitch a ride on the dropship off Solace, and find the evidence I need somewhere in New Dawn.

“I just hope I see you one last time, and I don’t get blown up before I go off-planet.”

Respawn Entertainment
The damage Crypto did to Kings Canyon – could it force the games to move to a new map?
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Perhaps the biggest clue is the large ‘space elevator’ which was teased on September 25

This space elevator could perhaps be how the Legends are transported off Solace, and onto Psamathe.

Danny Gardner Artstation for Respawn Entertainment
Concept art by Respawn for the Space Elevator.

All of this should be taken with a helping of salt of course, as it is far from confirmed, but there are a lot of clues here that could be pointing to the Apex games moving to a new location for Season 3.

With less than a week to go until the new season starts, we’ll all know soon enough.