Possible new Apex Legends map reveal date hinted at in Crypto teaser

Alan Bernal. Last updated: Sep 26, 2019
Epic Games

Upcoming Apex Legends combatant Crypto has successfully “hacked” his way into the system, as Respawn Entertainment released a new teaser for Season 3.

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The Apex community are undoubtedly getting hyped for what Season 3 of the battle royale will bring, and the devs have been delivering more clues for players to decipher in the lead up to the game’s next chapter.

There’s already been a huge lore reveal that could suggest a new map will be heading to the game, but it seems like after an unsuccessful login attempt, Cryptop (and the devs) are ready to reveal even bigger news soon.

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Respawn Entertainment
Crypto will be looking for his redemption in the events of Season 3.

In a September 25 post, the Apex Twitter released a new teaser that says “Login attempt 00927_10” was a success. Right off the bat, it looks like Respawn have something special planned for September 27th at 10 am, if the text for the tweet serve as clues.

Going into the actual tweet’s gif, players are met with lines of code from the new Legend as he logs out and leaves his digital mark on the terminal he just hacked.

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The new teaser could be hinting at a brand new trailer for Season 3, as players already know Season 2 Battle Charge will end on September 30. There will be no downtime in between season transitions as Season 3 will come on October 1.

Respawn Entertainment has made it a habit to release trailers before their seasons’ start to give players a good look at new features and Battle Pass loot coming to the game.

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Why do fans think there’s a new Apex Legends map?

Previously, the company had already given players a look into what might be coming to Apex Legends Season 3. Along with reigning in a new Legend, there have been mounting clues of a new map that will take players away from Kings Canyon.

While evidence is still hazy, Crypto is looking for a way off of Solace, the planet Kings Canyon is located on. With previous leaks suggesting the upcoming Legend will “find the evidence (he needs) somewhere in New Dawn,” it could be time to depart Apex Legends’ first map.

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Dawn as it was depicted in the cancelled Respawn title.

There’s been another entry of the new planet in the Titalfall universe. A canceled TitanFall Online game had a multiplayer map set on “Dawn.” Since popular character Bloodhound was revived from a Titanfall concept, some fans think the same could happen for a new Apex Legends map.

Even before the appearance of the new teaser, players have been waiting for Crypto’s “running decryption” featured on Apex’s Twitter account to be completed. After the teaser was posted, the decryption is now at 65% complete with the account’s banner indicating the BNR-OS Key decrypt is at 75%.

Whatever the Respawn devs are planning, it looks like players will soon have new trailers and content previews to gaze over as Apex Legends Season 3 quickly approaches.